Looking for a few Henkei figures

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by smokey420, Jan 27, 2011.

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  1. smokey420

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    May 11, 2009
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    Looking for
    Classics/RTS Grapple
    Henkei Astrotrain
    Henkei Convoy
    Classics Nemesis
    Aerialbots Appendage Kit
    Also looking for 3 X Wreck-Gar[1 MOSC, 2 Open], and 2 X Perceptor[1 MOSC, 1 Open]

    Willing to work on price on multiple purchases and trades. Prices do not include shipping. Let me know if we can work something out.

    universe powerglide walmart exclusive misb 30
    universe overload misb 30
    henkei red alert mosc 55

    universe figures all MOSC
    sideswipe [box is open but mint in box] 25
    \smokescreen 25
    sunstreaker 25
    Ratchet 40
    ironhide 40
    galvatron 20
    hound 25
    cheetor 15
    wfc soundwave mosc 20

    loose figures all mint with weapons I might have instructions for them as well just ask
    powerglide white one universe 15
    classics starscream 25
    universe blaster 15
    universe silverbolt 15
    wfc soundwave 10
    universe onslaught 15

    2007 BOTCON All mint used only for display with weapons and biocard
    huffer 50
    weirdwolf 60

    rotf swerve mosc 15

    non tfs
    WWE wrestlers (the big rubber ones in used condition)Hulk Hogan,Big John Stud,Rowdy Roddy Piper,Nikolai Volkoff,Iron Sheik and Jesse the Body Ventura /Make offer

    G.I.Joe figures most from comic 2 packs snake eyes classic,snake eyes battle damage,lt.torpedo,beachhead, gung -ho, deep six,
    charbroil,lt.falcon,duke,zartan,cobra commander classic and light blue version and newer uniform blue and silver,destro,tomax, xamot,bat,cobra officer,ninja viper,storm shadow classic,storm shadow red and white storm shadow,nemesis immortal,dreadnocks ripper and torch,cobra officer and a hiss tank /120 shipped with comics for whole lot

    I also have the whole Blackest Night storyline ,all the comic books in the series 125

    My trades
    bigkid 24 / Warbot Defender and Fansproject Explorer [both for trades]

    My purchases
    rkg123 / Fansproject Munitioner[purchased]
    blackzarac / United Megatron [purchased]

    my sales
    alaquidari / universe 2.0 starscream, universe 2.0 cyclonus, classics Hot Rod

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