Looking for 3 TF prime figures

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Blackout32, May 8, 2012.

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    I am looking for 3 sealed TF prime figures which are Cliffjumper,Ratchet and wheeljack. If anyone could help me out on this that would be great. I am asking for these to be sold to me at a REASONABLE cost. I can only pay by money order and I have several feedbacks on here and another board as well. If you have these figures and want to let them go for a reasonable cost all together shipped included PM me and let me know. If you are unsure of which TF prime cliff jumper I can give you a link to which 1 I am talking about cause I am not really sure if their is any other cliffjumpers out their besides the SDCC 1 that I really want as well. I have a a thread for a sale figure that I want to get rid of so if you want to know what that is I can give you that info too. Thanks and hoping for the best for some help.

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