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    Several years ago I ran across two very cool TF fan art pics. Since then the zip disks I had them on crashed and I have searched on and off in vain since then to replace them. One was of G1 Starscream and one was of G1 Prowl.

    The G1 Starscream was a line drawing. All I remember is it was done by a fan in Italy. Someone else later on colored it and the background I think was nighttime. The picture is one of my all time favorite SS pictures ever done by anyone and I would love to have a copy of the lined drawing by the originator and the colored one that someone else added to it later one. The perspective of the drawing was rather from below looking up if I remember correctly (but don't quote me on that). It was the usual pose Scream get, legs apart somewhat, hands in fists. arms out a bit with the cocky smirk on his face. Does my vague facts on it ring a bell with anyone?

    The other picture is...well.. not exactly TF art I get into BUT, it was such an amazing picture of Prowl!!! I /think/ Makotron did the pic but I am not sure. I went to his site and there was a rough sketch he did of Prowl and a fan femme named Neo Prime I /think/. The finished drawing I had a file copy of was just in pencil but a final pencil and it was Prowl standing behind this really humanly built very scantily 'armored' femme ... 'robot'...He had her hands and arms back slightly and the smirk/look on his face was beyond words.

    Does either of these pics sound familiar to anyone?


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