Fan Art: Looking for 1:24-25 model kits & help

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    I have a question for ya guys. Actually 2… but I was hoping that you guys could help me out.

    I am working on a couple kit bashes, & am looking for a couple things.

    (1) Is there, & where is there a tutorial for a MP Mirage? I am not planning on making Mirage, but rather looking at the mod because I would like to make a base for another figure with this mod as reference. The character that I plan on making will transform into a Nissan Elgrand. So the robot mode will look a little different, but I can see how this could fit into it.

    (2) I’ve found easily enough 1:24-25 kits of an Elgrand… but I am still looking for a kit to turn 1 into either a fire engine or ambulance. From stock photos that I’ve seen, both emergency versions of the van look the same. They just have a different paint job. With some cases with certain kits, it’s just a small change needed to change 1 model to another thing. So I am wondering if there is something out there that I can.

    I am attaching a few images to show what I have in mind.


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