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    May 22, 2010
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    HELLO ALL TFW2005ers!

    Been a member of Cybertron.ca and Hisstank.com for several years now, just joined TFW2005!

    I am writing to invite all serious collectors to visit me on E-BAY this evening
    Please drop by my E-BAY listings under user name Lazerfish73.

    I am listing a once in a life time buying opportunity for all Robot Masters Fans, which will be active tonight at 8:00 p.m. 27 pristine factory sealed RM Transformers are up for auction as a complete set. Included in the set are many impossible to find treasures such as E-Hobby Black Starscream, Metallic Paint Convoy & the ultra exclusive Reverse Convoy.

    Tomorrow night at 8:00 I have a listiing that will be active for a 10 piece Classics Henkei set that includes Thundercracker & Skywarp.

    Shipping to both Canada & the U.S. is FREE on both auctions!

    Happy Bidding & Thanks!

    Hope everyone has a great Victoria Day Weekend! :cool: 

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