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Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by jorod74, Mar 27, 2009.

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    friend of mine took me to a mom and pop toy shop Wednesday, and it had 2 sections. on the left side of the building was a electronics/gaming section (which was rather well stocked) and the right side was the toys.
    I was disappointed by their TF offering (only movie figs) but impressed with the GI joes.

    when i told the lady at the counter what i was into, she gave me a business card and on the back was the cell for a local man who has an extensive G1 collection.
    she didn't tell me to just text him, so when i called, he acted like i was the feds and he was the unabomber.
    really strange.
    i did what he asked and though he said he had pictures ready to email for me, i have yet to hear from him.

    i am thinking about texting him Friday and saying no thanks, don't bother.

    The toy dealer, though, i may set something up with her.

    so am i doing the right thing at the moment?
    we don't have any other dealers like that locally, so i am kinda stuck with that or online.
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    I think a lot of the members here would act strangely if they got a 'mystery' phone call asking about their collection! I wouldn't worry too much, some people can act oddly until they get to meet/know you. I don't think you are really doing anything wrong though in just phoning a guy... the store owner wouldn't give you his number if he didn't want it given out presumably?

    But I'm not sure what you are trying to set up here? Does this guy import toys or is he just a collector, from whom you want to pick up some of his figures? I guess that you are not just looking for the current figures you can pick up in TRU, Walmart etc? Also I'm not sure why you aren't happy with online buying - I can't imagine one guy could have access to all the stuff you do from multiple online retailers?

    Whut? Was she hot? J/K :D 

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