Living on the Moon

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  1. Skorpiya Nuka

    Skorpiya Nuka Decepticon Fanfreak!

    May 13, 2008
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    This is an Armada based fanfiction. Of course all respects to the artists and actors of Transformers Armada. If circles around the four main Decepticons of the series, Megatron, Starscream Cyclonus and Demolishor and their new human companions. It is a dialog style fanfiction.

    The fan-human characters are Shrieka Fox Ravensbrethren, Mecka Silvaira Taron, Crazy Sunshine Topaz, and Disaster Terra Tremor.

    Now without further ado, here's the story.


    Living on the Moon

    Chapter 1

    Shrieka walks in the 'throne room' of the make shift Decepticon base and looks around to see her and her friends 'landlords' were already there. They were all watching her as she made her entrance.

    Shrieka: What's up? *speaking to whoever cared to answer.*

    Starscream gave a two fingered wave and went back to sulking in his usual corner of the room. Cyclonus gave her a stupidly excited wave and cackled insanely. Demolishor simply continued staring and of course it had to be Megatron to be the first one to say anything.

    Megatron: What do you want, fleshbag? *eyeing the dark-haired teenage girl*

    Shrieka waves back at Hoshi-sama and Cyko-kun before replying to Megatron's demanded inquiry.

    Shrieka: I am only up at this ungodly hour because for one, Crazy snores like none other, Mecka talks in her sleep, and Dizzy farted which rather nasty BTW. So not wanting to be in the same room as these morons I simply left and sought 'shelter' elsewhere, which happened to lead me here. Not to mention there isn't a whole lot else to do at this hour.

    Mega- 'bitch': Well stay out of the way.

    Shrieka: Si, Senor Puto.

    Starscream howled with laughter at she just said to their leader since he was the only one smart enough to install a translator. The esteemed second-in-command had to hold himself up on the wall to keep from rolling on the floor.

    Cyko and Demo just stared in confusion since they didn't know what she said.

    Starscream: >.>... Take a picture it'll last longer. I told you guys to get translators but nooo... that would be too easy. Now you have to suffer from overwhelming curiosity.

    Shrieka: Oh they got Pwned! And don't even think of asking me, neither! You guys have to figure it out by yourselves.

    Megatron watched them with silent amusement as this went on. Suddenly the Minicon alarm went off and he was immediately on his feet.

    Megatron: D:< !!! You idiots know the drill! Figure out the coordinates and prepare the warping platform. And go 'rouse your companions, fleshbag.

    Shrieka: Si, Puto-sama. *giving him a mock salute.*

    Megatron simply sighed and headed after his minions while Shrieka ran back to the human quarters. Her friends were still sound asleep and so she quickly flipped on the lights and pulled off everyones blankets off of them, roughly sending them to the floor with a thud.

    Crazy: Ow! Fuck my eyes! X_x!

    Dizzy: Damnit, Shrieka!

    Mecka: WTF?!! Shrieka I'm gonna kill you!!!!!! >_<!!!

    Shrieka: We have to get to the warp room.

    After a lot of grumbling and bitching, the four teenage girls ran to the warp room and immediately climbed onto the platform with large robots.

    Crazy: I'll bet we're gonna end up in the middle of nowhere again.

    The other three yelled at her: STFU!!

    Dizzy: The last time you said that we actually ended up in the middle of nowhere. If that happens again, I'm gonna kick your ass.

    Before the girls could bicker any further Megatron gave the order to launch.

    End of Chapter 1

    Fanfic Reference Key


    Starscream is Hoshi-sama. Hoshi means star in Japanese in case you didn't know that already and sama is a suffix meaning with respect.
    Cyclonus is Cyko-kun. I spelled Psycho, Cyko to reflect Cyclonus' name and kun is another suffix, its means like in fun or it can be like a pet name but in this instance it mean in fun.
    Demolishor is of course Demo-kun.
    Megatron is Senor Puto, or Puto-sama.
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  2. Skorpiya Nuka

    Skorpiya Nuka Decepticon Fanfreak!

    May 13, 2008
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    Please don't forget to comment. ^_^;
  3. Skorpiya Nuka

    Skorpiya Nuka Decepticon Fanfreak!

    May 13, 2008
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    Chapter is up!!!

    Living on the Moon

    Chapter 2

    Four giants robots and four teenage human females stood there just staring at the vast plain and there was waist high grass in every direction.

    Mecka: *Fwaps Crazy upside the head* You just had to open your mouth didn't you?

    Crazy: Owwie!! T_T... *rubs the back of her head.*

    Megatron: What the frag are you all just standing around for?! Start looking!!

    Everyone: o_O !!! *scatters in every direction to look for the Minicon.*

    Shrieka looked up at the sky with glistening amber orange eyes, her pale white skin reflected the light of the rising morning sun. Her knee-length jet black hair waved lightly in the sweet breeze of the early morning. She wore a blood red corset with black cupping in the front and white lacing in the back. Her skirt was obsidian black and it stopped right at mid-thigh. She had on blood red nylons and white boots with red stripes and long red-tailed hawk feathers embedded into the fronts of both boots. Her white gloved arms crossed while her black top lip and bottom red lip pursed in thought.*

    Megatron: What are you waiting for fleshling? *he had been watching her stare at the sky for about fifteen minutes.*

    Shrieka: I'm trying to figure out which way the wind is blowing.

    Megatron: *Noticed the back of her top was open until just underneath her shoulder blades.* I don't see how that's pertains to finding the Minicon.

    Shrieka: Of course you wouldn't, you're not a flyer. Riding the wind saves energy. Following the current would fly faster as would be able to get more air circulating around my wing therefore I would have lift and I can fly higher. *White and red-tipped wings stretched out from the tips of her shoulder blades; unfurling like huge sail. They had the same coloration as the feathers on her boots but they had muscular structure of vulture wings. She spread them to their full four and a half meters span and used a powerful upstroke to lift her feet nearly an entire yard off the ground.* Like this. * She said as she flattened her body so it was parallel to the southern wind current. Suddenly the invisible strength of the wind made itself known as she was lifted into the air as the wind took her northward.* (It's a south wind SO it would be blowing FROM the soutn TO the north).

    Megatron: o.o... I see. *stalks off to start his own search.*


    Crazy: My feet hurt. *uses a whiny voice.*

    Demolisher: Hurry up!

    The two of them had decided to team up and were now trying to scale up a large rocky incline. Demolishor had already reached the top of the hill but Crazy was having a little difficulty with the climb.

    Demolishor: *Finally got impatient and simply plucked from the rocks and placed her on his shoulder. He noticed that her eyelids were drooping and she looked about ready to curl up and go back to 'sleep,' as humans called it.* What's wrong with you, fleshling?

    Crazy: -.-... Could you please stop calling me 'fleshling?' As for what's wrong... I haven't had any form of sustenance since I was rudely thrown from my cot this morning.

    Demolishor: You'll live.

    Crazy: Demo-kun! You don't understand!! I have dangerously high metabolism. I'm one of those folks that has to feed constantly to simply maintain the energy levels I need to be at my best. I can't use my wings if I'm not at my max. Otherwise I could end up using too much energy and faint in mid-air.

    Demolishor: Really? *he noticed that her bright green eyes were nearly hidden beneath golden tan eyelids. 'Wow... she wasn't kidding.' She's beginning to collapse right now.'* Don't worry Crazy, I will find you an energy source. *Absentmindedly he started to pet her now dorment form.*

    Her ankle-length dandelion blonde hair that had been put into high pony tails were now coiled loosely at her sides as she slept with the right side of her face up against Demo-kun's helm. The yellow blazer she wore was nearly the same color as her hair, underneath the jacket she had on a fitted maroon-colored long sleeve shirt. On her legs she wore a pair of pants with khaki-style fabric that matched her shirt. She also wore fuzzy yellow boots that matched her blazer.

    Demolishor: ^_^ She's so cute.

    In another part of the field...

    Disaster had teamed up with Cyclonus and he was making her run after him.

    Dizzy: God damnit, Cyclonus! Wait up!

    Cyclonus: Squishies need their exercise! *He cackled and flew faster.*

    Dizzy's shoulder-blade length malt brown hair trailed behind her as she raced to keep up with trigger happy chopper-con. Her blazing jade green eyes glinted with annoyance that stood out against her almond tan skin. She wore a light brown t-shirt, olive green cargo capris, and brown boots with olive green socks.

    Suddenly a gleam in front of her caught her attention and she managed to skid to a halt before she fell face first into a medium-sized pond that oddly reminded her of a small crater. Disaster plopped herself on the grass and quickly began to remove her boots.

    Cyclonus had stopped and transformed landing about a foot away from Dizzy while watching the phenomenom before him.

    Cyclonus: What the slag are you doing?

    Dizzy: It's easier to swim without the t-shirt and the heavy boots on. The weight of the materials would drag me down. *She removed her t-shirt as she said all this, revealing a forest green sports bra and threw it next to her boots and socks. Then she stood to her feet and took a few steps back before diving head-long into the freezing cold water.*

    Cyclonus: o.o... -.- *heavy sigh*

    On a different part of the plain...

    Mecka's silvery white hair glittered in the now mid-morning sunlight, her ruby red eyes shown brilliantly as they darted around her surroundings in search of the Minicon. A pale white hand reached up to her brow pushing away a stray lock of hair from her eye. She wore a royal purple blouse with silver embroidery on her abdomen. On her hands she wore black gloves, a silver miniskirt, indigo nylons and silver knee-high leather boots with only a half an inch of heel.

    She had been walking for what felt like eons, her legs were aching and she was utteringly starving wheshe came up on a woods. She continued through the tree infested area until she reached the wall of a really tall rock formation that almost stood at a nearly ninety degree angle.

    Mecka: o_O  You got to be fucking kidding me. It is way too early for this bullshit.

    She suddenly heard the whine of jet engines overhead. Already knowing who it was, Mecka didn't even bother looking.

    Mecka: Well, here goes nothing. *She bolted for the wall and leapt. Almost sliding down the wall, she had managed to hold herself in place using the tips of her fingers and the balls of her feet.* Phew... -.- That was easier than I thought. Now all I have to do now is climb this mother fucker... yay... -___-;

    Mecka started up the wall as quickly as one could go when going straight up. As she climbed she could feel someone watching her. She sighed and kept climbing doing her best to ignore the 'spectator.' That's when she noticed how close the jets engines sounded, it was like they were hovering right behind her.

    Mecka: Starscream? What the HELL are you doing?

    Starscream: O_O?!! How the slag...?

    Mecka: Your engines gave it away. Plus you're the only jet in the area. *She continued climbing as she spoke.* You still haven't answered my question... What the hell are you doing?

    Starscream: Watching you climb a straight rock wall without tethers, hooks, harnasses or grapplers of any kind. That's pretty impressive for a fleshbag.

    Mecka: >_< *stops and lets out a low growl.* MY NAME IS MECKA!!! Allow me to spell it for you. Eem! Ee! See! Cay! Ay! Mecka! Get it right or I'll start calling you Starsqueak!

    Starscream: >_o; WTF? Starsqueak?

    Back at the pond...

    Dizzy dove under the water several times and had kept coming up empty empty handed.

    Dizzy: It's probably buried in the silt at the very center of the lake.

    The pond wasn't really deep but it sort of made up for it in distance across. The deepest point was probably at least fifteen feet down. The problem was that it wasn't possible for Dizzy to hold her breath for as long it would take to search for it thoroughly.

    Dizzy: Cyclonus can you give my a hand. I need you to check for the Minicon at the center of the pond. I can't hold me breath long enough that why I need you to do it. Meanwhile I'll keep searching for it along the shore and the spots that I can search properly.

    Cyclonus: Oh... alright. ^__^ 'she's kind of cute with her wet clothing plastered to her... Wait! What the slag am I thinking?!'

    Dizzy: Cyclonus are you okay? You're spacin' out on me.

    Cyclonus: Oh yeah! Right. You might wanna move out of the way.

    Dizzy swam off to the side and waited for Cyko-kun as he lunged into the freezing cold water.

    Cyclonus: Yikes! >.< This water is ice cold!!

    Dizzy: ^.^ *giggles* Lets start searching. It won't feel so cold once you get used to it.

    Cyclonus shook his head as he waded out to the center of the pond to help Disaster look for the Minicon in the nearly crystal clear water. Dizzy swam to one spot that was nearly eight almost nine feet deep and dove back under the water. When she got to the bottom she ran her hand across the silt trying to find a solid spot. Just when she was about to head back up to the surface her hand ran across something hard yet it was really smooth and as her hand slid across it some of the silt fell aside revealing the bright green light of a Minicon panel. Dizzy heaved it from the bottom of the pond and pulled it loose before swimming to the surface of the water. Just as Dizzy broke the surface she was greeted with the sight of Cyclonus with two Autobots pointing a of laser rifles at his face.

    End of Chapter 2

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