List of the most powerful characters and weapons

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    This is a project to catalogue the most powerful beings and objects within the Transformers multiverse. With time each will get a profile on VS Battles Wiki.

    For simplicity abstract gods or beings like The One, Unicron, Primus, Physis, Chronarchitect, Gaea, Atlas, Alternity, Hytherion etc. are going to be left out. To avoid arbitrary listings 'powerful' characters and weapons are going to be those that can destroy or manipulate on a large scale through energy projection, strength, magic, etc. It will also include those that can overpower said characters and weapons (See: Powerscaling). If applicable then specific universal stream designations will be included to differentiate variations of the same character.

    Low Universe to Universe+ range
    The Star Saber, Origin Matrix & Terminus Blade
    Shockwave w/ Ores and Time Drive (Primax 1005.19 Gamma)
    The Minicon Matrix (Aurex 402.24 Gamma)
    The Fallen
    D-Void (Primax 1005.19 Gamma)
    Tornedron (Aurex 304.0 Epsilon)

    Multi Solar System to Galaxy+ range
    Logos Prime
    Mogahn the Mass w/ the Cyber Caliber
    Vector Prime w/ Rhisling
    Black Zarak (Primax 488.12 Alpha)
    God Ginrai & Grand Maximus w/ Chōkon Power (Primax 488.12 Alpha)

    Small Star to Solar System range
    Tornedron (Primax 984.17 Alpha)
    The Underbase (Primax 984.0 Gamma)
    Skyquake w/ Forestonite (Primax 092.0 Beta)
    Prima w/ Star Saber
    Solus Prime w/ Forge
    Megatronus Prime w/ Requiem Blaster
    Nexus Maximus (Primax 207.0 Epsilon)
    Omega Doom (Primax -408.24 Epsilon)

    Master Galvatron full power (Aurex 105.08 Alpha)
    Super Starscream full power (Aurex 105.08 Alpha)
    Master Galvatron (Aurex 105.08 Alpha)
    Megalo Convoy (Aurex 105.08 Alpha)
    Liger Megatron (Aurex 105.08 Alpha)
    Sonic Convoy (Aurex 105.08 Alpha)
    Super Starscream (Aurex 105.08 Alpha)
    Liger Convoy (Aurex 105.08 Alpha)
    Master Megatron (Aurex 105.08 Alpha)
    Atomic Lugnut (tech specs)
    The Requiem Blaster (Aurex 402.24 Gamma)
    The Skyboom Shield (Aurex 402.24 Gamma)

    The Star Saber/Dark Saber (Aurex 402.24 Gamma)
    The Star Harvester (Tyran 707.04 Delta)
    Jhiaxus (Primax 512.5 Gamma)

    Planet to Large Planet range
    The Cyber Planet Keys
    Circuit Breaker (Primax 984.0 Gamma)
    Giant Optimus Supreme (Aurex 103.10 Alpha, )
    Colossal Optimus Supreme (Aurex 103.10 Alpha)
    Colossal Galvatron G (Aurex 103.10 Alpha)
    Giant Grand Convoy (Aurex 103.10 Alpha)
    Giant Galvatron G (Aurex 103.10 Alpha)
    Optimus Supreme (Aurex 103.10 Alpha)
    Galvatron G (Aurex 103.10 Alpha)
    Omega Supreme (Aurex 103.10 Alpha)
    Galvatron (Aurex 103.10 Alpha)
    The Last Autobot (Primax 984.0 Gamma)
    Thunderwing w/ the Dark Matrix (Primax 984.0 Gamma)
    Nemesis Prime w/ Run-Over, the Vorpal Saber & Doom Stone (Aurex 503.01 Gamma)
    Horus (Primax 489.0 Zeta)
    Majin Zarak (Primax 489.0 Zeta)

    Liege Maximo (Primax 984.0 Gamma)
    Starscream w/ the Warworld (Primax 984.0 Gamma)
    The Swarm (Primax 984.0 Gamma)
    The Hydra Cannon (Aurex 103.10 Alpha, Aurex 802.23 Alpha)
    Convoy w/ the Matrix (Aurex 103.10 Alpha, Aurex 802.23 Alpha)
    Victory Saber (Victory)
    Deathsaurus' Planet-Destroying Fortress (Victory)
    Liokaiser (Victory)
    Star Saber (Victory)
    Great Shot (Victory)
    Road Caesar (Victory)
    Shockwave w/ Zel Quartz (Primax 1003.30 Kappa)
    Megatron w/ Heart of Cybertron (Primax 984.17 Alpha)

    The Exponential Generator (Primax 984.17 Alpha)
    Cyclonus (Primax -408.24 Epsilon)
    Chaos' Death Crystals (Primax 984.17 Alpha)
    The Evil One w/ the Dark Heart (Gargent 984.08 Alpha)
    The Planet Buster (Primax 496.22 Alpha)
    The Death Star (Lukas 577.25 Beta)

    Continent to Small Planet range
    Supernova Convoy (Primax 092.0 Beta)
    Star Giant
    Dark Nova
    Ultra Megatron w/ Star Buster
    Super Megatron
    Tri Fusion Battlestar Attack
    Starbase Attack
    Star Convoy w/ Galaxy Bomber

    Grandus w/ Stonehenge Kick
    Sky Gary w/ Mystery Circle Punch & Plasma Power
    Starscream (Primax 903.0-M Lambda)
    Grand Galvatron
    Galvatron (Primax 984.17 Alpha)

    Mountain to Country range
    Metroplex (Primax 1005.19 Gamma)
    Trypticon (Primax 1005.19 Gamma)

    Galvatron (Primax 984.20 Gamma)
    Fortress Maximus (Primax 984.17 Alpha, Primax 787.3 Alpha, Primax 302.06 Gamma)
    Scorponok/Megazarak (Primax 984.17 Alpha, Primax 787.3 Alpha, Primax 302.06 Gamma, Tech Specs)
    Giant Metroplex (Primax 713.31 Gamma)
    Metrotitan (Primax 713.31 Gamma)
    Necrotitan (Primax 1005.19 Gamma)
    Caminus (Primax 1005.19 Gamma)
    Prion (Primax 1005.19 Gamma)
    Navitas (Primax 1005.19 Gamma)
    Tempo (Primax 1005.19 Gamma)
    Chela (Primax 1005.19 Gamma)
    Carcer (Primax 1005.19 Gamma)
    Metrobase (Primax 713.31 Gamma, Primax 1005.19 Gamma)
    Metroplex (Primax 984.17 Alpha, Primax 1005.19 Gamma)
    Trypticon (Primax 984.17 Alpha)
    Soundwave w/ Perfect Harmonics (Primax 984.17 Alpha)
    Skywarp (Tyran 407.1 Beta)
    Blackout (Tyran 407.1 Beta)
    Ironhide (Tyran 407.1 Beta)

    Dinoking (Victory)
    Landcross (Victory)
    Wing Waver (Victory)
    Dash Tacker (Victory)
    Mach Tackle (Victory)

    Sky Lynx (Transformers 2010 manga)
    Predaking (Transformers 2010 manga)
    Doubledealer (tech specs)
    The Nemesis
    The Ark
    Omega Supreme (Primax 984.0 Gamma, Primax 984.17 Alpha, Primax 302.06 Gamma)
    Omega Sentinels/Destructors/Guardians

    Optimus Prime (Classics DVD Tech Specs)
    Tigerhawk (Primax 496.22 Alpha)
    Rampage (Primax 496.22 Alpha)
    Sharkticon Megatron (Beast Hunters)
    Omega Prime/God Fire Convoy w/ Matrix Blade
    Devil Gigatron/Galvatron full power
    Brave Maximus
    God Fire Convoy/Omega Prime

    Devil Gigatron/Galvatron w/ Megastar base

    Small Town to Large City range
    Ultra Magnus (Primax 984.20 Gamma)
    Cyclonus (Primax 984.20 Gamma)
    Scourge (Primax 984.20 Gamma)

    Galvatron II (Primax 490.0 Gamma)
    Galvatron III (Worlds Collide)
    Rodimus Prime (Primax 984.20 Gamma)
    Mindset (Primax 984.0 Gamma)
    Bomber Megatron w/ Rail Gun (Primax 1005.19 Gamma)
    The Twlight (Primax 984.0 Gamma)
    Jhiaxus (Primax 984.0 Gamma)
    G2 Megatron (Primax 984.0 Gamma)
    Megatron w/ Fusion Cannon (Primax 984.0 Gamma, Primax 302.06 Gamma)
    Optimus Prime w/ Ion Blaster (Primax 984.0 Gamma, Primax 302.06 Gamma)

    Optimus Prime Eva Mode (Primax 514.23 Iota)
    Angel-scream (Primax 514.23 Iota)
    Fortress Maximus (Primax 984.0 Gamma, Primax 302.06 Gamma, Primax 1005.19 Gamma)
    Shockwave (Primax 984.0 Gamma, Primax 302.06 Gamma, Primax 512.5 Gamma, Primax 1005.19 Gamma)
    Scorponok (Primax 984.0 Gamma, Primax 302.06 Gamma, Primax 1005.19 Gamma)
    Sea Sharks (Tech Specs)
    Galvatron (Aurex 402.24 Gamma)
    Megatron (Aurex 402.24 Gamma)

    Ravage (Primax 984.0 Gamma, Primax 302.06 Gamma)
    Gigant Bomb (Robot Masters)
    Black Convoy/Scourge

    Bruticus (Primax 509.28 Epsilon)
    Onslaught (Primax 984.0 Gamma, Primax 302.06 Gamma)
    Sunstorm (Titanium tech specs)
    Grimlock (Primax 984.17 Alpha)
    Devastator (Primax 302.06 Gamma)
    Slugfest (Primax 984.0 Gamma)

    Please remember that this isn't opinion-based, so substantiate new entries with evidence. Similarly I get that this franchise doesn't take itself too seriously but please don't rain pessimism down on this topic. If you aren't interested you don't need to contribute. This is for fans that want to catalogue the high-end abilities and feats of the franchise. So what else can we think of?
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    No Alternity? They have some ridiculous power levels. If i recall correctly, Alternity Megatron has a gun that kills you at every point of time in your whole existence or somethinv like that
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    Sees Circuit Breaker and Slugfest listed and the "evidence".
    Laughs and walks away.
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    Wasn´t Vector Prime manhandled by Galvatron/Megatron during Galaxy Force/Cybertron?
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    As per the opening post I will not be including higher dimensional beings because their power is absurd but also harder to gauge. Eventually I will probably add them in.

    Hey thanks for being "that guy" I predicted that would rain pessimism on my topic and contribute absolutely nothing. It seems not even personally requesting folks not to poison the well can keep that shit at bay. I pretty much expect it whenever I make a topic.

    Vector Prime isn't in his "prime" in the series. Even still Megatron/Galvatron are, thanks to Hasbro's retcons, powerful enough to survive inside an energon star. Then have the star collapse on them along with an entire pocket dimension, the destruction of which not only created the Unicron Singularity but also wiped out Alpha Q's planets. If you look at the link you see why Vector Prime is so powerful. His sword killed Galvatron, he smote Moghan the Mass, and he regularly combats the quantum destruction created by Unicron.
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    This is pretty awesome, though some of it kinda looks fan-made.

    Where did you get some of this?
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    Which would be unnecessarily powerful, as all he has to do is kill you the moment you first exist. Maybe they're using the Arrowverse idea of time travel where "time remnants" are a thing?

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