Customs: List of obligatory characters from TR Bumblebee/Roadburn

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by flamepanther, Aug 7, 2017.

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    I looked as far back as late 2016 and didn't see a comprehensive list. Here are the obvious or obligatory characters that can easily be made from this versatile mold with just paint and various head-swaps:

    Bug Bite (eHobby style Gobot) - Shapeways, Trentulas
    Bumblebee (G2) - Shapeways, Steam Shield (Glyph head)
    Bumper - Shapeways, Trentulas
    Chase (with correct head style) - Shapeways, Trentulas or Steam Shield
    Cliffjumper - Shapeways, Trentulas or Steam Shield
    Freeway - Shapeways, Steam Shield (or use the default Roadburn head)
    Glyph - Shapeways, Steam Shield
    Goldbug - Shapeways, Steam Shield (suggested use for Glyph head)
    Hubcap - Shapeways, Trentulas or Steam Shield
    Hubcap (G2) - Shapeways, Trentulas or Steam Shield
    Jackpot (AM figure was evidently inspired by G1 Chase) - No head made, but could try a Shapeways Chase
    Runabout - Shapeways, Steam Shield
    Runamuck - Shapeways, Steam Shield
    Tap-Out - Shapeways, Trentulas or Steam Shield's Cliffjumper head
    Wasp - Shapeways, Trentulas

    So, did I miss any? Trent and Steam Shield have both obviously been busy with this mold, with a significant amount of overlap! I'll try to update later with links to everything.
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    Well if you're doing Runamuck and Runabout, I'd add the generic blue and yellow Decepticon drones from the Devestation game as their design is based on the mold used for the CW Battlechargers. They'd make nice army builders.

    CW Blackjack

    Volks the red or orange Argentinian repaint of G1 Bumblebee.
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