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    Does anyone know of a good guide to all the TV shows made, both in the US and Japan, preferably showing which were exclusive to that country, and which toyline they pair up with, ive read the little history on the Hasbro webiste, but this doesnt cover the japanese stuff.

    Im looking to collect all the eps in chronological order and i want to know what to buy next after my G1 boxset
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    are you looking for just the names of the series or actual episode titles and synopses? as far as the toons go, it was:

    US G1
    japan headmasters
    japan masterforce
    japan victory
    us beast wars
    us beast machines
    japan beastwars II
    japan beastwars neo
    us/japan robots in disguise/carrobots
    us/japan armada/micron-something
    us/japan energon/superlink
    us/japan cybertron/galaxy force
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    Ooookay, I'll try and sort out what you're after. Be warned, this isn't going to be easy to follow.

    Generation 1, pre-movie - accompanied the first two years of toys (1984-85)
    The Movie - transition from the 1984 toys to the 1986 toys.
    Generation 1, post movie (aka Transformers 2010 in Japan) - accompanied the 1986 toyline, but some of the 1987 releases creaped in.
    The Rebirth (US), Transformers The Headmasters (Japan) - accompanied the 1987 toyline. The US three part story focused equally on Headmasters and Targetmasters, while the Japanese series focused far more heavilly on the Headmasters.
    After the Rebirth, there was no toy line in the US.
    In Japan, they got Masterforce, which promoted their version of the 1988 toyline - mostly what the US got, with the exception of the new Targetmasters, everything past the first wave of Pretenders, and with the inclusion of a couple of all-new characters and repainted Fortress Maximus (Grand Maximus) and Scorponok (Black Zarak).
    1989 Japan got Transformers Victory, and 1990 they got the single episode OVA Transformers Zone, which mainly promoted Japan-exclusive items like Star Saber, the Breastmasters, and Dai Atlas. Zone did heavilly feature the Micromasters, though.

    The next TF show to air would be in the US, with Transformers Generation 2. In spirte of the name, it was not tied to the toyline other than it was dedicated to getting TF on the airwaves to promote the toys - the show was actually a bunch of rehashed G1 episodes.

    Next up were the Beast Wars shows, promoting the toyline of the same name. Season 1 focuses on the early toys, the second season on the Fuzors and Transmetals, and Season 3 on the Transmetal IIs and Depth Charge.
    In Japan, there was also Beast Wars Second, which featured many of the toys not used in the main Beast Wars show. Its sequel, Beast Wars Neo, featured all new characters / toys, some of which have hit the US as Dinobots, but others have never seen a US release.

    There's also Beast Machines, recently exported to Japan as Beast Wars Returns. Toyline of the same name.

    Next up is Car Robots / Robots in Disguise. Again, toyline of the same name. A lot of toys released in Robots in Disguise were there to fill out the line, so many of them don't appear on screen.

    Then we come to the Armada-Energon-Cybertron trilogy. Toy lines share the names. Japanese titles, respectively, are Micron Legend, Super Link and Galaxy Force (the third one is not a sequel like Cybertron is, rather it takes more of a clean slate approach).

    With regards to what is on DVD:

    Transformers Generation 1 - all seasons.
    Transformers the Headmasters - released in the UK only so far.
    Masterforce - also UK only right now.
    Victory - upcoming in the UK, though odds are unlikely elsewhere.
    Zone - rumoured along with another Japanese OVA episode for a UK release, but that's all - a rumour. Again, little chance of a US release right now.
    Beast Wars (US) - all out on DVD.
    Beast Machines - out on DVD.
    Beast Wars Second - good luck. It's not even out on DVD in Japan.
    Beast Wars Neo - same as BWII.
    Car Robots - out on DVD in Japan.
    Robots in Disguise - US rights held by Disney, who bought out Saban who handled the dub. Released in the UK.
    Micron Legend, Super Link & Galaxy Force - all released in Japan.
    Armada - first 26 episodes out in the US, second set expected in the next month or so (release date is next week but it moves occasionally).
    Energon - odd episodes only. Paramount holds rights and has shown little interest in releasing season sets.
    Cybertron - as Energon. Some episodes have yet to even air on domestic televison.

    Last, but not least:
    Transformers: Heroes - a rumour only, allegedly this will be the next cartoon, produced in the US by Cartoon Network to follow on from the movie (but not connected to it story wise). Keep your eyes to the News Forum for updates!

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