Lio Junior - Beast Wars II

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    Name - Lio Junior
    Japanese Name - Lio Junior
    Supposed US Name - Leo Minor
    Japanese Number - C-26

    Tech Spec - Cybertron (Maximal)
    Tech Spec - Gesalt (Magnaboss)
    Tech Spec - Warrior
    Tech Spec - Lio Junior was created by the influence of the good Angolmois energy upon the Matrix in Lio Convoy's chest. He possesses an innocent, free and wild personality. His tail becomes a Lion Vute Whip, while twin horns extend from his mane to fire Angolmois Ball light spheres. His mane can also become Lion Wings, which he can fly for short distances.

    Tech Spec - Strength - 8
    Tech Spec - Intelligence - 7
    Tech Spec - Speed - 8
    Tech Spec - Endurance - 6
    Tech Spec - Rank - 7
    Tech Spec - Courage - 10
    Tech Spec - Firepower - 5
    Tech Spec - Skill - 5

    Toy Info - Released / Discontinued
    Toy Info - Release Date - 1998

    Toy Info - Basic (Scout)

    Toy Info -
    Toy Info - Recolours -
    Beast Wars - Prowl
    Beast Wars II - White Lio Convoy
    Beast Wars II - Black Lio Convoy

    Cartoon / Movie -
    Lio Junior is the “son” of Lio Convoy, created by the influence of pure energy upon Lio Convoy’s Energon Matrix. Though Lio Convoy says little on the matter, Lio Junior considers him his daddy. He desperately tries his hardest to prove his worth to the other Maximals, but due to his age he garners little respect. He is very rash at times and often doesn’t think things through. Though in the end, he has a kind spark and only wants to be viewed as an equal among his Maximal peers. He can combine with Skywarp and Santon to form Magnaboss II.

    (Source = Transformers Wiki - Teletraan I)

    Cartoon / Movie - Yumiko Kobayashi (Japan)
    Cartoon / Movie - Appeared in the Beast Wars II Series

    Episodes - Beast Wars II Appearances -
    Appeared in the Beast Wars II Series

    Parts - Tail/Sword
    Parts - Primary Figure Color - Yellow/Orange

    Parts - Sword/Tail -------(Yes) ---(Yellow/Orange)

    Images -
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    Awesome, thanks for the info!

    He also combines with Lioconvoy in a slightly less conventional way to form "the Green Warrior", at least that's my understanding.

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