Light in the Dark Age: Connecting All Series

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    Let me tell you why I am writing this fic. It’s simple, really.

    Energon was bad. Really bad. It’s a shame, too, since the figures were so good.

    So it hit me. Good toys, bad show. Well, what if the show wasn’t bad? Could you take the figures, and make a good show out of them? Well, the only way to find out is to try.

    And, what do people like most? A fic where all series are connected. Mind you, I’m only going to use Energon toys in my fic, but I will connect all continuities. I have found a way to do it. I only have to take very few liberties with continuity. Such as season one of G1 would have to be set in 2013, and season three in 2034, but it wouldn’t change that much.

    The characters that appear in this chapter:

    Red Alert: Autobot

    Jetfire: Autobot

    Optimus: Leader of the Autobots

    Megatron: Unicron minion

    Unicron: leader of his own side

    The Constructicons: Decepticons

    Sharkticon: Leader of the Predacons

    Command Ravage: Predacon

    I think that is all of them.

    Now the generic Transformers:

    Decepticons: The limbs from Bruticus Maximus and, with different heads and collars. Also, deluxe Starscream in different colors.

    Decepticon guards: Signalflare with different colors and no gun-arm.

    Autobots: Signalflare, Jetfire, and Strongarm in different colors and heads.

    Predacons: Transmetal Beast Wars toys with different heads, and vehicons with different colors and heads.

    Now, to the story.

    The Beginning

    Five strange construction vehicles drive on a road of some distant planet.

    Wideload: “We’re almost there, Steamhammer.”

    The construction vehicles drive up to a building under construction. Several robots stand around the building. One of them raises his hand in greeting.

    The Transformer: “Welcome, Constructicons.”

    The construction vehicles transform into robots.

    Wideload: “Well, let’s get started.”

    The screen pulls back as the scene below gets smaller. The scene continues to get smaller until it pulls back so far you see Cybertron.

    The screen blacks out as Transformers: Energon flashes on the screen.

    Once again you see Cybertron.

    The narrator: “Cybertron-home to a mechanical race of transforming beings. These ‘Transformers’ are divided into four teams-the Autobots, Minicons, Decepticons, and the Predacons. These Transformers live two hundred years in the future. A few Autobots and Decepticons traveled back in time-to our present day-a few times. There, the Autobots befriended the humans Carlos, Alexis, and one who called himself ‘Rad’. The Decepticons traveled back in time because they lost the war they were fighting with the Autobots and Dredacons. They remembered an old legend that said a race of Transformers called Minicons crash- landed on Earth a long time ago. A rogue called Megatron and his small band of warriors went in search for the Minicons. The Autobots got word of this, and left to stop the Decepticons. The Autobots recovered all the Minicons that the Decepticons had obtained, except for nine. They then returned to their own time, followed by Megatron. When they returned to their own time, Unicron was threatening Cybertron. The Autobots, Dredacons, Megatron’s Decepticons, and the other Decepticons joined forces to defeat Unicron. They destroyed him, but Megatron had to sacrifice himself to do it. All the races of Transformers then made peace for good, and lived happily for years. Then the Decepticons and Predacons became greedy, wanting more power. They then raged war with the Autobots. The Minicons have stayed out of the fighting, but they may soon be forced to join the war.”

    The screen returns to the Constructicons.

    Steamhammer: “Constructicons, combine to form DEVESTATOR!”

    Sledge and Bonecrusher transform into massive legs from the knee down. Steamhammer transforms into a chest, head, and legs from the knee up. He then combines with Sledge and Bonecrusher. Then, Wideload transforms into an arm; Duststorm does the same. They then combine with the other Constructicons.

    The combined Constructicons, as Devestator: “Let’s begin.”

    Devestator bends down and grabs a long metal rod. He then begins to construct the building.

    The screen fades out.

    Somewhere in the depths of Cybertron a few Autobots are heading to Vector Sigma. They make their way through the twisting tunnels of Cybertron.

    Jetfire: “Where is it? We’ve been walking for hours.”

    Scavenger: “Be patient young warrior. We are almost there.”

    The Autobots continue in silence. Their heavy footsteps echo through the chamber.

    Finally, they come to a door.

    Red Alert: “This is it. Vector Sigma.”

    Red Alert types something on the pad lock, then the door slides open. It gives a loud creak as it does.

    Red Alert walks into the large room.

    Red Alert: “Bring in the body.”

    Four transformers holding up ends of a stretcher of some sort walk into the room, followed by the other Autobots.

    An Autobot walks up to Red Alert and hands him a gold key.

    The Autobot: “The Key to Vector Sigma.”

    Red Alert takes the key.

    He walks up to a gold and round object that was resting in a giant bowl-like platform. He then inserts the key into it. The object flies into the air and starts spinning.

    The object: “I am Vector Sigma. Before Cybertron was, I was. Today is the day the Autobots are able to use me to give life to one of their creations and make that creation an Autobot. Today is the only day the other teams are not allowed to attack them.”

    Red Alert: “Great Vector Sigma, I am an Autobot. Please give life to my creation. Give him some of the personality of the last Optimus Prime, who was terminated when Unicron was destroyed. Make him kind and wise. Make him a good leader.”

    Vector Sigma: “I will give life to your creation. I will give him some of the personality of the last Optimus Prime. I will make him kind and wise. I will make him a good leader.”

    Red Alert: “Quick, bring the body here!”

    The four Autobots carrying the body set it down under the glowing sphere that was Vector Sigma. It begins to glow as Vector Sigma glowed. They both stop, then the body stands up.

    The Transformer that Vector Sigma gave life to: “I…am Optimus Prime-leader of the Autobots!”

    Red Alert: “Optimus, you’re back!”

    The Autobots crowd around Optimus.

    Optimus: “I am confused. I have memories that I shouldn’t have, but I can’t fully remember them. I was just created, why do I have memories? Why do I have shadows of memories?”

    Red Alert: “I will explain everything…”

    The screen changes and shows the damaged and nearly dead Unicron, in planet mode. The screen changes once more, showing the inside of Unicron, where Galvatron’s broken body lay. His body is unchanged, exactly like it was when he sacrificed himself.


    Galvatron’s body begins to glow, then change. Galvatron’s eyes start to glow as he came online.


    Galvatron: “Fine, whatever you command, I will obey. But call me Megatron, the name Galvatron only brought me pain.”


    Megatron transforms into a Cybertronian jet, and flies for the exit of Unicron. He finally reaches it, and flies out to open space.

    Unicron: “MEGATRON, WAIT.

    Megatron flies back in the direction of Unicron. A department on Unicron opens as a ship emerges.

    Unicron: “TAKE THIS SHIP.

    Megatron flies down to the ship. The hatch opens on the ship as Megatron enters. The ship roars to life. It then soars off.

    The screen changes and shows Jetfire, Optimus, Ironhide, Red Alert, and Hotshot standing in a control room.

    Jetfire: “This is our control room.”

    Jetfire activates the main computer.

    Jetfire: “This is Sonustran. He is our main computer and does most of our work. Without him no other computers would operate, and the Guardbots wouldn’t function.”

    Optimus: “Don’t you worry that the Decepticons or Predacons would hack into him and shut him down, thus leaving the protection of the city in the hands of the few Autobot solders that you have stationed there?”

    Jetfire: “He is the latest model and has several protection units installed. But, of course, if you’re worried you can change anything you want. You are the leader.”

    Optimus: “I guess I am. Don’t change him. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

    The screen changes and shows a space station in orbit of Cybertron. It changes again and shows the inside of the station. Sharkticon stands in the room.

    Command Ravage runs in.

    Command Ravage: “Sharkticon, my Lord, the Battle Ravages I sent out to scout the planet Char, returned and reported large amounts of energy there.”

    Sharkticon turns to face Command Ravage.

    Sharkticon: “Did they bring any proof?”

    Command Ravage: “No, but they are trustworthy. They say the Energon is deep below the ground.”

    Sharkticon: “Organize a crew, we’ll leave next sunrise”

    Command Ravage transforms and rushes out of the room.

    The screen changes and shows the ship that Unicron gave to Megatron flying through space. It is a sleek ship, meant for battle. Row after row of laser cannons border the ship. It closes in on a small planet. The planet is only a fraction of the size of Earth’s moon. The planet is covered with cities of steel. The planet itself is made from steel. The ship soars down to the planet. It then closes in on a landing strip. The landing gear lowers. The ship’s speed decreases. Hover pads on the ship’s bottom flash to life, allowing the ship to hover. It slowly sinks towards the landing strip. The ship finally lands, shacking the ground as it does. The hatch of the ship opens, as blue light emanates from the inside of the ship. Guards crowd around the ship.

    A guard: “It’s some kind of Decepticon war ship, but Shockwave didn’t send for one.”

    Another guard: “Look, someone is coming from the ship.”

    Megatron slowly walk out of the ship. His optics surveys the twelve guards.

    The first guard: “Who are you? Why are you here?”

    Megatron: “I have urgent business with Shockwave. Take me to him.”

    The first guard: “Lord Shockwave is busy, and he doesn’t have meetings with strangers that don’t state their business. Now tell me, are you here to trade? You’re early if that’s what you’re here for. Most traders don’t come for quite some time. And if you’re a trader, why do you have a war ship? I have half a mind to shoot you down-it’s very suspicious to have a war ship. Only reason I didn’t shoot you down is because your war ship is a Decepticon one, not an Autobot or Predacon.”

    Megatron, thinking: What’s this ignorant fool blabbering about? I haven’t the time to listen to him.

    Megatron: “Silence! I’m not here to trade. I’m a commander! Take me to Shockwave!”

    The first guard: “Do you have any proof that you’re a commander?”

    Megatron points his gun at the guard.

    Megatron: “Listen, worm. You either let me in or I blast you to slag. And think of this, what if I am a commander, and you don’t let me in. I would have the right to kill you. Let’s say I’m in a good mood. I would leave here, then Shockwave would come and ask if the commander he sent for came yet, and you would say ‘Yes, but I didn’t believe him, so I sent him away.’ Shockwave would either fire you or kill you. Now, take me to Shockwave.”

    First guard: “Follow me.”

    Megatron: “That’s more like it.”

    Megatron lowers his gun, and follows the guard through the twisting streets of the massive city. Building after building loom into the sky, going beyond the clouds. The city streets bustle with Decepticons, going from one place to another. The city is home to thousands if not millions of Decepticons, and it seemed as if they are all on the streets. A public transport vehicle stops on another street to pick up passengers. Some streets are meant for the public transports, others for driving on in vehicle mode or riding in your own vehicle, and other streets are for walking.

    Guard: “Are you in a hurry? If you aren’t, then we can wait until the public transport vehicle that goes to the citadel arrives, or I can get us a ride.”

    Megatron: “I can wait.”

    The guard: “All right, the next public transport vehicle should be here soon.

    The screen changes and shows Sharkacon standing upon a pedestal in front of a crowd. It is night, and stars fill the sky.

    Sharkticon (In a loud voice.): “When I return from my mission to Char, I will lead a troop of liberators to free the Autobots of their dictator, Jetfire! I will lead a crusade to let them find peace! We will liberate them!”

    At this point the crowd bellows their agreement, cheering him on.

    Sharkticon: “Let us give the Autobots freedom! Let us give them democracy like we have!”

    The crowd cheers, throwing up their arms in excitement.

    Sharkticon: “And remember that attack of the Autobots on that public transport vehicle! We will get revenge! Enlist in the military now! Help us take out the evil ones forever!”

    Sharkticon steps down from the pedestal and walks away from the cheering crowd. He heads for Shadow Hawk, who is standing a little ways off. Sharkacon walks up next to him.

    Sharkticon: “Try to get things together when I’m gone. I will return from Char soon, though. When I am back, you and I will lead the attack on the Autobot’s biggest mining colony. There is Energon galore there. We will take it all.”

    Shadow Hawk: “Will the people stand for an attack against a mining city? You made them think we will be taking out the government.”

    Sharkticon: “They won’t care. I can rekindle their hate for the Autobots. Remember all those years before, when some rogue Autobots attacked that civilian transport? The public is gullible; I will use my words to make them hate all Autobots. They will always believe me.”

    The screen changes and shows Optimus standing on a pedestal in front of a large crowd of Autobots. Tall buildings loom behind him, casting shadows around him. The yellow glow of his optics shines bright out of the dark shadows that enshroud his body.

    Optimus: “Fellow Autobots, as you know, I am the new Optimus Prime. Please do not think of me as the last Prime. True, I have some of his memories, but I am a different Transformer. I promise you that I will be kind and just. I will lead you all the way. You may put your trust in me.”

    The crowd cheers, then a reporter Autobot steps forward.

    The reporter: “Prime, is it true that you have some memories of the last Prime, but you can’t fully remember them?”

    Prime: “It is true. I am remembering more as time goes along.”

    The same reporter: “You say that you aren’t the same as the last Prime, but you have some of his memories. How can this be?”

    Prime: “I have some of his memories because Redalert told Vector Sigma to give me some of the personality traits of the last Prime. When Vector Sigma did this, he must have also given me some of the last Prime’s memories.”

    Another reporter steps forward, a defiant look in his eyes.

    The second reporter: “Prime, how will you deal with the threat of the Predacons and Decepticons?”

    Prime: “I will have more Guardbots created, and put more solders on patrol. So enlist in the army now. Protect your fellow Autobots.”

    The crowd applauses, their voices ringing through the capital. The sun sets behind the new leader. A red glow surrounds the sun as the sky darkens. The first stars appear in the sky, each one of them with their own planets.

    The narrator: “While the sun sets behind Cybertron; another sun might just be rising up from another planet. Other species might be watching their sunrise for another day. And another planet, orbiting the same sun, might be experiencing noon or night. On Cybertron, in the city where Prime is speaking, the day is over.”

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