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    i had this on, but then i realized i could post it here as well. yay!

    in case you don't fugure this out, this takes place in season 3... somewhere between human error and endgame.

    Life Lessons
    By ShinkisRule​

    Sari Sumdac stared out the window as three girls stepped into a school bus. Sari didn’t know why, but they were laughing. Sari sighed. She had a life that most people could only dream of having. It was wonderful to be a part of the Autobots’ mission, and to be a member of their “family,” but still, she always wondered what it was like to be… Normal. After discovering that she was more different than she thought, she wished for it even more. She wanted to be like those girls, who seemed as though they didn’t have a care in the world. Sari didn’t for a second want to leave the Autobots, but she did want that life she could never have.

    “Dad?” Sari asked, leaving the window and turning to her father, “Can we talk?”

    “Of course, Sari,” said Isaac, “But not for very long; it is almost time for your lessons.”

    “That’s what I want to talk to you about.”

    “Go on.”

    “Dad…“ Sari began, hesitant because she wasn’t sure how to tell him, “I want to go to school.”

    “Whatever for?” asked Isaac, “You have all the education you need right here at home. Is your Tutor Bot not sufficient?”

    Sari sighed. He clearly didn’t get it. “It’s not just about education, Dad. Sure, I’d like to have some teachers who make sense to me once in a while, but that’s not the main reason I want to go.”


    “I want some friends.”

    Isaac looked confused. “The Autobots are your friends, are they not?”

    “ Well, yeah, but…” Sari paused. This was going to take a while. “I want to spend time with other girls my age. I want to complain with them about quizzes that we didn’t study for and burst out laughing with them in chemistry when something blows up. I want to score a winning goal and celebrate with a trip to the movies. I want to go shopping at the mall with them and hang out at someone’s house so we can paint each other’s nails and giggle about stupid things and talk about boys. I mean, the Autobots are great and all, but… it’s just not the same.”

    Isaac shook his head. “I’m afraid I cannot allow it, Sari. It simply isn’t safe.”

    “What do you mean it’s not safe?” Sari asked, “I’m 16 years old and I can take care of myself!”

    “No you aren’t,” said Isaac, “You’re 9 years old.”
    Sari folded her arms in frustration. “Well, fine,” she said, “If you want to get all technical about it… but I’m mature enough to be 16, aren’t I?”

    “Yes, you are, but it isn’t a question of maturity. The point I am trying to make is that you are different, whether you like it or not. Not everyone will accept that the same way you and I do.”

    “ So, in other words, you don’t think I can handle it?” Sari waited for an answer, then sighed when Isaac didn’t respond. “Dad, I know I’m different. I’ve always been different and all I’ve ever wanted after I found that out was to be normal. You wouldn’t send me to school before because you were afraid everyone would find out what I was… well, am. But maybe now that I know, it’ll be easier to keep it a secret.”

    “You make a good argument, Sari,” said Isaac, “You are right, but I still worry. Keeping your secret may not be as easy as you make it out to be. But… I will think it over.”

    Sari squealed in excitement. “Thanks, Dad!” She said, “You won’t be sorry! I promise!”

    Sari ran up to her room, giggling, leaving Isaac wondering why she was so happy all of a sudden. After all, he hadn’t even said yes.
    Bumblebee desperately pushed buttons on his game controller. He was playing Ninja Gladiator with Sari, and she was mopping the floor with him.

    “Ha-ha!” Sari laughed, “You are so gonna die any second now!”

    “No fair!” Bumblebee whined, “I’d be winning if you didn’t get the invincibility!”

    “That wore off 20 minutes ago, Bumblebee. Admit it! I’m just that good!”

    “Still, you took that chance to make me lose at least 50 life points!”

    “70. And counting.”

    Bumblebee moaned. He was the best player around, Bulkhead had said so himself. There was no way he was giving up that title to Sari.

    “You only have 6 life points left!” Sari said, laughing evilly, “I am totally gonna kick your skidplate!”

    Bumblebee’s optics bulged and he dropped his controller as his avatar dropped dead, and confetti fell over Sari’s, the screen flashing “WINNER!”

    “Nooooooooo!!!!!” Bumblebee screamed.

    “Oh yeah!” Sari cheered, doing a victory dance, “Who’s awesome? I am! Woo-hoo!”

    “No fair!” Bumblebee complained, “I demand a rematch! Best 2 out of 3!”

    “We just did best 2 out of 3 and I won.”

    “Best 3 out of 5, then!”

    “Don’t be such a sore loser. That was perfectly fair.”

    “Perfectly unfair!”

    Their argument was interrupted as Professor Sumdac walked into the room.

    “Hi, Dad,” said Sari, “Can you tell him that I beat him and therefore am the best Ninja Gladiator in this galaxy and beyond?”

    “I think it’s better if I stay out of this,” said Isaac, “Anyway, I wanted to have a word with you, Sari. Can you spare a moment?”

    Sari nodded and walked out of the room. Bumblebee had no idea what was going on, so he simply shrugged and started a new game. Now that Sari wasn’t playing, he was sure to win. He thought just playing video games would be fun, but maybe what he really enjoyed was winning.

    “You dare call yourself a ninja?!” he said, “PREPARE TO FACE THE WRATH OF–“

    Bumblebee was cut off by a scream. He dropped his controller (again) and ran over to Sari as quickly as he could.

    “What the slag are you doing to her in there?!?!” Bumblebee yelled. He was even more confused when he realized that Sari and Isaac were hugging. Sari looked happy, so why did she scream? What in Primus’ name had just happened?

    “He wasn’t doing anything to me,” said Sari, leaving her father’s arms, “That was an excited shriek.“

    “You shriek when you’re excited?” Bumblebee asked, “I’ve never heard that before.”

    “That’s because I’ve never been this excited! Guess what?!”


    “Dad’s sending me to school!!!”

    Bumblebee’s face immediately fell. So that’s what happened, he thought to himself.

    “Wow…” He said, trying to look like nothing was wrong and failing, “Really?”

    “Yeah!!” Sari said, not seeming to notice, “Isn’t that awesome?!?!”

    “Yeah… Great…”

    Bumblebee walked outside, much quieter than usual. This was just great. Sari would be gone nearly every day, leaving him at the base with nothing to do. True, he had Bulkhead to hang out with, but he couldn’t really play video games or race with him, because it was in Bulkhead’s kind nature to let him win, so it wouldn’t be that fun. Bumblebee would be doing things by himself, meaning Optimus would probably notice and put him on monitor duty, which, in Bumblebee’s opinion, was second only to The Pit itself. The Decepticons had been pretty quiet lately, so it would be even worse. Bumblebee wasn’t even going to think about what it would be like left with Prowl or Ratchet. It just wouldn’t be the same without Sari. Even when she got home from school, she’d probably be up to her eyeballs in homework. She’d never have time to hang out with him anymore. Bumblebee couldn’t remember the last time he had felt so lonely.

    “Bumblebee?” called a voice. He looked behind him to see Sari, walking up to him with a very concerned look on her face.

    “You okay?” She asked.

    “Sure I am,” Bumblebee replied gloomily.

    “You don’t look okay… You look pretty upset.”

    “I’m not upset. You get to spend all day miles away from here with a bunch of other humans while I sit around playing video games all by myself. Why would I be upset?”

    “Oh…” said Sari, looking somewhat ashamed, “I get it… You want me to stay, huh?”

    “Why can’t you be home schooled like you’ve always been?” Bumblebee asked.

    “I’m sorry…” she said, “I’m not trying to forget you. It’s just that… well, I feel so excluded from the rest of the world. I’m almost always at home or with you guys. I barely ever get to go anywhere, and I’ve never left Detroit. I mean, when was the last time you saw me talking to someone I’m not related to or doesn’t know my dad or isn’t trying to kill me? Just for once, I want to feel like everybody else. No Decepticons, no bad guys… I don’t want to feel like a robot. I just want to be normal. I want to interact with other people who can really relate to me. You guys are all amazing, Bumblebee. No one could ever replace any of you. But I think I really need this. You can understand that, can’t you?”

    “I guess so,” said Bumblebee, “I just really like having you around… I don’t want you to be gone all the time. This whole thing is lame.” He knew Sari had every right to leave, but he still felt like slag.

    “I know,” said Sari, “I’ll miss you too. But look on the bright side… You’ll have more time to improve your Ninja Gladiator skills.”

    Bumblebee’s optics widened. That was true. Maybe one day, he’d reclaim his title…

    “Oh, yeah….” He said, rubbing his servos together like an evil scientist.

    “But I’ll still kick your skidplate.”

    “You wish! I’m gonna be better than you one day, and when that day comes… Buahahahahaha…”

    “You’ll have… bragging rights…?”

    “I already have bragging rights. I’ll just have more.”

    “I see you’re feeling better,” said Sari, both annoyed and amused.

    “Yup,” said Bumblebee, wearing his signature grin. “Wait a second! Did you just insult me in some obscure way?”

    Sari simply laughed.

    “I’ve looked up about nearby high schools and I’ve found one that seems very promising,” said Isaac as he and Sari got on Prowl, “I’ve scheduled a tour of the school so we can find out whether or not this is the one you’re going to.”

    “And if we don’t like it?” asked Sari.

    “I thought of that. There are a few other ones we can check, but if none of them seem to fit our standards, then we’ll just have to choose from what we have.”

    “I doubt I’ll hate every single one of them, but I guess I can deal with that if it happens.”

    “I don’t suppose you asked how big the classrooms and hallways are?” Prowl asked as he drove off.

    “What?” asked Sari, “No way are they gonna let you in there. You just stay in the parking lot like a good little motorcycle while we take the tour.”

    “No, Sari,” said Prowl, “I prefer to know what kind of a place you are in all day.”

    “Why? That’s Dad’s job, not yours.”

    “Still, I don’t feel comfortable with you spending all day somewhere that I have never been to and have no idea what kind of people you are with. For all I know, every single classroom will be utter chaos.”

    “Duh,” said Sari, “It’s high school.”



    “I have nothing against you joining us,” said Isaac, “but if they refuse to let you in, then you’ll have to stay outside.”

    “Agreed,” said Prowl.

    “I don’t know, Dad…” said Sari, “Think about it. Boys, especially teenage boys, go crazy when they see a motorcycle. All of Detroit goes insane when they see an Autobot. Now, imagine hundreds of teenage boys and a motorcycle that turns into an Autobot in the same building. I mean, really! This kind of thing will do nothing for my reputation as a normal person.”

    “I had not considered that,” said Isaac.

    “Really?” Sari asked.


    “Wow. That’s just sad.”

    “Hmmm…” said Prowl, “Perhaps I could watch from outside?”

    “Oh, do whatever you want so long as you don’t cause any insanity,” said Sari.

    “Of course,” said Prowl.

    There was a brief moment of silence, which made Sari grow bored.

    “Are we there yet?” she asked.

    Prowl groaned. “Don’t start.”

    “What?” Sari asked, “I’m just trying to make conversation. Geez… So are we there yet?”

    “No,” said Prowl.

    “If you want to make conversation, Sari,” said Isaac, “we should probably figure out what to do with your Tutor Bot.”

    “You mean I get to decide?” asked Sari, “Well, then, I say we blow him up, put him back together, then blow him up again for good measure. That’d be awesome.”

    “You are one sick child,” said Prowl.

    “Hey, if you had to deal with Tutor Bot, you’d be a sick child, too,” said Sari.

    “It couldn’t have been that bad, Sari,” said Prowl.

    “That thing tried to teach me advanced algebra when I was 8 years old.”

    “Oh, my,” said Prowl.

    “How much longer?” Sari asked.

    “Be patient,” said Prowl, “I think you’ll survive 10 more cycles.”

    “Ummm…” said Sari, unfamiliar with Cybertronian terminology.

    “About 10 minutes,” Prowl explained.

    “Oh,” said Sari, “So what do we do until then?”

    “Why don’t we just be quiet and enjoy the scenery?” Prowl asked.

    “What scenery?” asked Sari, “All I see is global warming! There’s a gas station… and a garbage truck… and a Burger Bot… and a school… Oh look, tree stumps… and a—wait, is that the school right there?”


    “Sari!” said the principal as she and Isaac entered his office for an interview, “Come… have a… Wait a second.”

    “What?” Isaac asked.

    “I thought you wanted to enroll Sari.”

    “This is Sari.”

    “But she’s not in third grade... I thought that she was going to the lower school.”

    “Well, yes… Um, this is my other daughter.”

    “With the same name as the younger one?”

    “Um…” said Isaac, trying to think of an explanation for Sari’s upgrade, “Well, this Sari is my adopted daughter from… Thailand.”

    “What happened to the other Sari?” the principal asked.

    “She… died… in a… boating accident…” Isaac stammered, much to Sari’s dismay.

    “I’m so very sorry,” said the principal.

    “Thank you for your concern,” said Isaac, “it was very tragic indeed…”

    Sari could not take any more of this. “Heh-heh…” she said nervously, “One second.” She dragged her father into a corner to knock some sense into him.

    “I died in a boating accident?!?!” she yelled in Indian so that the principal wouldn’t know what she was saying.

    “I was under stress!!” Isaac responded.

    “Next time, I do the talking!!”


    Sari and Isaac returned to their seats.

    “So...” said the principal, “You speak another language?”

    “Indian, yes,” said Sari.

    “I thought you said you were from Thailand,” said the principal.

    “Well,” said Sari, elbowing her father as he opened his mouth to speak, “I’m not really from Thailand… I’m Indian. I just got transferred to an orphanage in Thailand and he adopted me before I learned Thai.”

    “And why were you transferred?” The principal asked.

    Sari paused. She had to think of something right away, and she knew it would sound incredibly stupid. “I…” She began, “Um, that is… they didn’t feed us in India… so I… ate my roommate’s puppy…”

    The principal’s eyes bulged. He backed his chair away from Sari. Isaac dragged Sari into the corner and they began arguing in Indian once again.

    “Oh, sure!” said Isaac, “Your excuse was much better!”

    “My first idea was good…” said Sari.

    “He’s not going to let a puppy eater into this school!!”

    “I was a starving child!” said Sari, “My roommate ate it, too!!” She had no idea what she was talking about now.

    “What?!” Isaac asked.

    “I don’t know!”

    “My idea was much more believable!!”

    Sari groaned, and the two returned to their seats.

    “You... ate your roommate’s puppy...” the principal whimpered.

    “She was a starving child,” Isaac defended, “Her roommate ate it, too.”

    “I see...” said the principal, writing something down on a notepad.

    Sari walked out of the school, drenched in hot coffee.

    “Sari,” Prowl asked as soon as he saw her, “What did you do?”

    “Nothing!” said Sari, not wanting Prowl to know what had happened.

    “Well,” said Isaac, twiddling his fingers, “It turned out we weren’t the best at improvising, and the principal was highly disturbed by the things we said. He refused to let Sari attend, and she took it as discrimination, and, well… You can probably guess what happened before she got attacked with a coffee mug.”

    “You have to watch your temper, Sari,” Prowl scolded, “You realize that you’ve probably scarred that man for life. He might even get put in an insane asylum if he tells anyone about this.”

    “Next time,” said Sari, “We come up with a story beforehand.”

    “That would be helpful…” said Isaac.

    “We’re not going to the next school right now,” ordered Sari, “We are going home right now to determine my past life. This is not happening again. ¿Comprende?”

    “Comprendo,” said Isaac.


    Sari walked outside with her father from her second interview at Lincoln High School. She felt confident this time around. They had a much more convincing and less disturbing story that didn’t involve any puppies. They had kept the idea that she was adopted, but this time she was from India, not Thailand. They couldn’t think of a better idea about what had happened to the younger Sari, but fortunately, this principal never asked about her. Sari’s life had started out pretty rough, but it got better later on. Her parents had died in a car accident eight years ago, and Sari lived in an orphanage for two years until Isaac took her in. He had been visiting a friend of his who worked at that orphanage, and after meeting Sari, the two grew extremely fond of each other. He had lost his wife and she had lost her parents, and they helped to heal each other. Isaac was fairly wealthy, meaning it wasn’t hard to support Sari. He had been raising her for ten years now (she was confirmed to be fifteen, adopted at the age of five) and she had received a pretty good education from her Tutor Bot, but, just as she did in real life, Sari wanted the experience of going to school with other students.

    Sari was proud of her life story. She thought that perhaps she should be a writer one day. The principal was equally pleased, and he told Sari that he would call her. He didn’t say yes or no, but Sari just knew that she would be accepted. She was so excited she felt like she would explode.


    “I wish Starscream would get sucked up by a black hole,” said Bumblebee. He and Sari were playing the Wish Corruption game. One of them would make a wish, and the next person would grant that wish. However, the wish had to somehow go horribly wrong. It was kind of a twisted game, but it was still fun.

    “Wish granted,” said Sari, “But the black hole ended up being a portal to Narnia and he killed all the little bunnies. Muahahahaha!”

    “That’s just sick!” said Bumblebee.

    “I wish you’d stop talking,” said Sari.

    “Wish granted,” said Bumblebee, “But my magic wand broke so now I’m still talking!”

    “You really stink at this game, you know that?"

    “I wish someone would slice Sentinel Prime’s chin off!”

    “Wish granted,” said Sari, “But that someone was you, so he got mad and painted you pink as revenge.”

    “I don’t like this game anymore!” Bumblebee complained.

    “Don’t be such a big baby,” said Sari, “Now I wish I had—” Sari was cut off as her cell phone rang. She picked it up and started talking to someone Bumblebee didn’t know.

    “Hello? … Yeah, this is Sari… So you’ve made your decision about letting me in? … Really? … That’s great! Thank you so much! I guess I’ll see you tomorrow, then!”

    Sari hung up and started her victory dance.

    “I take it you got in?” said Bumblebee.

    “No, Bumblebee,” said Sari, “I’m just dancing because I need the exercise.”

    “Oh, okay,” said Bumblebee, “Now what were you gonna wish for?”

    “I wish you understood sarcasm.”

    “Hmm,” said Bumblebee, “Tough one…” What bad thing could happen if he understood sarcasm?

    “You really didn’t catch that, did you?” asked Sari, “I did get accepted. That was sarcasm, hence the wish. I have to explain everything to you, don’t I?”

    “Ohhh,” said Bumblebee, feeling kind of stupid, “Wish granted, but due to my obnoxious nature, I still pretend I don’t.”

    “You know what?” asked Sari, “Let’s just go back to Ninja Gladiator…”


    Sari awoke the next morning feeling eager and jittery. Her mind raced as Prowl drove her to school. She was excited about meeting new people and such, but she wondered if she would like the teachers. They were always either jerks or boring on TV, so she was preparing for the worst. But then, anything was better than that stupid Tutor Bot. Sari’s trail of thought ended as Prowl came to a stop. She waved goodbye to him, took a deep breath, and walked through the doors.

    Sari looked around at all the people talking in the cafeteria. If she understood correctly, she was supposed to stay there until the principal dismissed them to their lockers. She had ten minutes to put her backpack in her locker and get her books for her first period class, and then get to her class. Unlike most schools, she wasn’t allowed to have her backpack in class. That was why there were five minutes between classes so students could get to their lockers and get their books, instead of two or three minutes.

    Sari repeated this in her mind, so she wouldn’t be lost. Once she was dismissed, she searched through the halls to find her locker. She had no idea what floor it was on, though, so that made things difficult. Sari wandered around for a moment, confused.

    “Hey,” said a voice behind her, “You’re the new girl, right? You lost?”

    Sari turned around to see a girl. She had black hair that went down to her upper back, and was wearing a lilac t-shirt with a blue hoodie over it. Okay, Sari thought, This is my first chance to make a new friend. I can’t act like a dork.

    “Yes and yes,” Sari said, laughing a little at herself, “I can’t find my locker.”

    The girl smiled. “What’s your locker number?” she asked.

    “3171,” Sari answered.

    “All the 3000 lockers are upstairs,” said the girl, “You’re actually next to mine. Come on, I’ll show you where it is.”

    “Thanks,” said Sari.

    “I’m Jasmine, by the way.”

    “My name’s Sari,” said Sari, making sure Jasmine wouldn’t think she said “sorry.”

    “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance,” said Jasmine, curtsying dramatically. Sari laughed and did the same.

    As it turned out, Jasmine was in two of Sari’s classes on A day (they were on block schedule) and one on B day. Jasmine was the first friend Sari made at Lincoln High. She was Sari’s guide for the rest of the day, and Sari was no longer afraid that she’d be sitting by herself at lunch. It was kind of strange; on TV everyone would always pick on the new kid. It wasn’t like that here. Everyone (minus the popular kids, Lailah Itani and her boyfriend, David Willis) had been pretty nice to her. Her teachers, surprisingly, were also pretty cool. So far she had been through English with Mrs. Schultz and Chemistry with Mr. Hall. Even though this was the first school Sari had been to, she thought it was just about the best school ever.

    “There’s our table,” said Jasmine as she and Sari walked through the cafeteria.

    “It’s kind of crowded,” said Sari, “But it looks like we’ll be able to squeeze in.”

    They sat down, and a girl with short blonde and brown streaked hair gasped upon seeing Sari.

    “Oh my gosh!” she said, “It’s a person I don’t know!”

    “I’m Sari,” said Sari, “And I’m not apologizing; my name is Sari. So don’t ask.”

    “I’m gonna call you Robo-teen!” said the girl, grinning.

    Sari froze. Was it really that obvious? Had this girl actually figured it out already?!

    “Why do you say that?” Sari asked, making an effort not to sound horrified.

    “The orb thingy on your neck somehow reminds me of a cartoon I used to watch,” said the girl. Sari’s heart stopped pounding. Her secret was still safe.

    “She makes up nicknames for everyone,” said another girl with brunette braids and a white sweater, “I’m Marshmallow. But my real name is Lisa. The crazy idiot over there is Alice.”

    “That was mean!” said Alice.

    “It’s okay,” said Lisa, “We all love you anyway.”

    “I’m smart!” said Alice.

    “But are you sane?” Lisa asked.

    “No!” said Alice with pride, “I only have one life! Why waste it being sane?”
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    Prof. Sumdac and Sari are terrible liars! From Thailand, ate her roommate's puppy, first Sari died in a boating accident? Ha! Ha! I'm not sure i'd believe any of that. This is a cute story.

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