LF/FT Beast Wars, RID, Armada, Cybertron wepons & parts

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    I am looking for the following Transformers weapons and parts - I have a bunch from various series's that I would like to comlete, will buy or trade.

    Checkout my trade list at Action Figure Archive - Vintage Action Figure Trade List and LMK if theirs anything that interests you (I usually only trade G1 for G1 stuff). Also let me know if you have any complete Transformers that you would trade for items on my trade list (I'm open to offers on stuff on my trade list and need quite a few TFs from Beast Machines and newer)


    Beast Wars Weapons, Parts & Accessories:
    Optimus Primal vs Megatron rifle, left sword
    Claw Jaw tentacles
    Lazerbeak head, pistol
    Ratrap gun grip & barrel
    Spittor front left leg, rear right leg
    Airaizor claw gun
    Armordillo foot mace & gun
    Insecticon crossbow
    Powerpinch rear end attachment, left foot
    Terrorsaur pistol
    Snarl rifle
    Wolfgang missile (1)
    Bonecrusher missile
    Blackarachnia missile (1), launcher
    Cybershark fin (2), missile (2)
    K-9 missile (1)
    Waspinator missile (2)
    Buzzsaw right wing
    Dinobot sword
    Deluxe Mutant Soundwave right front foot
    B'Boom missile (1)
    Inferno mandibles, missile (2)
    Polar Claw bat partner
    Scorponok bee partner, missile (2)
    Transquito missile (1), 1 purple piece that holds the three brown legs
    Magnaboss mace (2), tail claw (tail only), missile (2), wing sword (2),
    Optimus Primal missile (1)
    Injector large left leg, small back insect arm
    Noctorro left arm
    Terragator left arm, left leg
    Silverbolt missile (2)

    Optimal Optimus missile (2)

    Transmetals 2:
    Cheetor missile
    Iguanus missile
    Megatron missile (3)
    Tigerhawk missile (4)
    Scourge missile (2), right wing, head???*
    Cybershark launcher

    Beast Machines Optimus Primal throwing star
    Beast Machines Blackarachnia left arm
    Beast Machines Nightscream disc (3), hand (2), left leg
    Beast Machines Tankor missile, left side small orange platform
    Beast Machines Beast Rider Che missile (2)
    Animorphs Rachel/Lion right claw
    Animorphs Mega Class Visser Three missile
    Animorphs Mega Class Ax/Scorpion Three missile
    Animorphs Ultra Visser Three missile (2), head
    RID Galvatron launcher (2), missile (1)*
    RID Grimlock scoop
    RID Hightower boom/rifle, pistol
    RID Side Burn dagger/pistol
    RID Mirage (KB Exclusive) pistol
    RID Optimus Prime gun, missile (4), 1 front tire
    RID Ultra Magnus missile (2), 2 front tires, right hand/arm, front bumper/cowling
    RID Prowl 2 & Sideswipe have prowl only no gun
    RID Skid-Z & Windshear gun & barrel (2)
    RID Ironhide & Mirage Ironhide's gun
    Armada Unicron Deadend minicon
    Armada Blurr Incinerator minicon, launcher, missile (2),
    Armada Demolisher missile (4), Blackout minicon
    Armada Demolisher (Powerlinx) missile (4), Blackout minicon
    Armada Sideways front fender
    Armada Thrust (Powerlinx) launcher, front nose piece, rear hatch piece, Inferno minicon & missile
    Armada Nemesis Prime gun (2), right front fender part, Run-Over minicon
    Armada Optimus Prime w. Sparkplug trailer, missile, gun, stack (2), Sparkplug minicon
    Armada Smokescreen w. Liftor missile
    Armada Overload (Gigacon) missile (2), Rollout minicon
    Armada Jetfire with Comettor missile (2), Commetor
    Universe Inferno thruster (2), missile (2)
    Universe Skywarp driver side rear tailfin, missile (2)
    Energon Inferno missile, complete launcher mechanism, side grey door (2)
    Energon Scorponok missile (2), left rear thruster (jet mode)
    Energon Starscream missile (2)
    Energon Treadshot weapons
    Cybertron Buzzsaw key
    Cybertron Crumplezone missile (2), key
    Cybertron Dirt Boss key
    Cybertron Hot Shot launcher, missile, key
    Cybertron Longrack key
    Cybertron Megatron front grey flap on side of cockpit (2), claw gun, gatling gun, missile (2), clear key
    Cybertron Megatron T-Rex tail launcher, missile, silver jungle key, left arm
    Cybertron Metroplex missing Drillbit Minicon, gold key
    Cybertron Runamuck silver earth key, gun
    Cybertron Scattershot key, turret, missile (1)
    Cybertron Snarl tail, missile, key, right rear leg
    Cybertron Thundercracker key, missile (1)
    Cybertron Vector Prime missile, right shoulder guard, key, Safeguard Minicon
    Cybertron Optimus Prime handgun, missile (3), cannon (2), wing unit, blue Matrix key
    Cybertron Wing Saber sword & hilt (2), cannon (2). missile (2), Autobot key
    Classics Astrotrain rifle
    Classics Optimus Prime vs Megatron missing Optimus and gun
    Transformers Movie Autobot Jazz hood panel (2), spoiler, all weapons
    Transformers Movie Brawl Leader Class top white blade on left arm
    Transformers Movie Jazz Final Battle spoiler, canon, missile (1)
    Transformers Movie Jungle Bonecrusher front claw assembly
    Transformers Movie Longarm entire left arm assemble, small left silver box panel, missile
    Transformers Movie Megatron Voyager Class missile, hea, nosecone
    Transformers Movie Overcast missile (2)
    Transformers Movie Recon Barricade rear panel (2), all weapons
    Transformers Movie Wreckage left & right battle blade, left & right middle hatch cover
    Transformers Movie ROTF Bumblebee missile

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