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    1. Bumblebees tutorial level- takes place at end of game
    2. Optimus finds Metroplex
    3. Optimus sends metroplex to attack the decepticons. Optimus gets captured by the decepticons and is brought to megatrons knees. eventually metroplex rescues optimus and pulverizes megatron. Starscream takes command
    4/5 cliffjumper and jazz search for the dinobots who have gone missing, they search through shockwaves lair and come across the insecticons as well as a map leading to earth as a new home where they can go to via space bridge, they raid shockwaves lair clean of energon.
    6. The combaticons lead by starscream plan to take back energon that shockwave lost. vortex, blastoff and brawl do their part of the mission.
    7. swindle completes his part of the mission
    8. combaticons combine into bruticus and destroy a major outpost
    9. Megatron is revived by soundwave and wakes up to find propaganda images of starscream being the true leader of the decepticons all over kaon. Megatron learns this and takes a team of decepticons loyal to him to beat some sense into starscream
    10. Megatron learns of the autobots plans to use the space bridge to open a portal and uses trypticons body as parts to create the nemesis
    11. Starscream, forced to betray the decepticons decides to take control of shockwaves lair in order to use the space bridge. he plans to destroy the space bridege afterwards leaving both autobot and decepticon armies left to die on cybertron. he finds grimlock's chamber and slaps him in the face.
    12. grimlock breaks free and throws starscream across the room, he proceeds to rescue the rest of the dinobots minus sludge who is forced to be left behind, and brawl with shockwave for revenge. on the way out of shockwaves lair the dinobots activate the space bridge for the autobots. the ark proceeds to launch
    13.(a) optimus makes his way through the ark fighting off decepticons before taking megatron head on. megatron pleads for mercy before finding a nucleon shock cannon on the ground and firing at optimus. bumblebee takes the shot for optimus but gets rebuilt. the ark escapes and the nemesis follows
    13 (b) megatron slaughters most of the autobots on the ark and fights optimus. megatron takes a nucleon shock cannon off the wall and fires at optimus. bumblebee takes the shot but dies. Optimus manages to escape and the ark goes through the portal with optimus in mourning
    the decepticons follow in the nemesis.

    anyways this is how I think the story is going to go down
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    For chapter 13, I think it should go...

    Optimus ending: Defeats Megatron, but survives, they end up through the portal, leading off into High Moons original continuity plan.

    Megatron ending: Decepticon's destroy the Autobots, leaving few left, leads on into Exiles, which'll lead onto Prime.
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    Good, but Soundwave has a level and I think shockwave does too.

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