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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by redwolfbear, Jul 29, 2017.

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    heres my 2 cents for the matter folks

    take the time traveling hover tech enhanced delorean from back to the future trilogy

    and merge it in equal parts with kitt the sentient teched up super car from knight rider

    what you get is a car that's kitt from the front but the delorean from the back and having all the best abilities and features of both hybrid design wise


    something like this by the way

    now take mad max's interceptor and build that into the front half of othe car body as well while still being a positive mix of all 3 cars hybrid design wise

    throw in frankenstiens car for the extra weaponry and heavy armor from death race and you got some serious awesome shit to work with vehicle mode wise people

    with that kind of tech to work with time travel wise lockdown would be virtually unbeatable

    he would not be able to travel back in time like how the tech works in bttf well he would but aonly as much as say 5 minutes to half a hour at most. and he can do that as often as required survival wise

    (anyone who ever saw that clock king episode of the batman knows exactly what I be talking about folks)

    if he uses the ability to travel forward through time he can go a full day into the future 24 hour period wise but the return trip to his present day start time would leave him needing a full day to recharge beore he could use the time travel ability again but so long as he uses the time travel ability sparingly in the 5 minute to half a hour option setting he can use it pretty much indefinitely , (its all about conserving energy, using it to take a simple short trip back to 5 minutes/half a hour into the past only briefly lowers his energy levels for the time travel technology which he can easily regenerate that energy through the day.

    basically the first option gives him a peak around the corner sort of ability as it were for a simple extremely short time jump through time past travel wise

    hence his being virtually unbeatable in a sense

    he knows exactly what his opponent will do before it actually happsn because for lockdown it already happened and hes correcting for each error along the way to trip the opponent up on the replay/do over
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    I can travel forward in time already.. Everytime I go to sleep, I wake up 8 hours later.. can Imagine him do 24 to on a good sleeping pill..
    the travelling back part is a bit more of a challenge ;) 

    I would however like to see some more of the old Transformers skills being reused in an BETTER movieverse.

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