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    Mar 27, 2012
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    Selling these to pre-order goodies plus support a custom.

    Masterpiece Starscream(walmart) with Phantom of screamer set A $120

    Battle ops bumble bee(gold walmart exclusive)$50
    ROTF Leader Starscream$40
    ROTF Leader Ironhide $35
    ROTF Superion x2 $70(each)
    Ultimate Optimus Prime $60
    Jetwing Optimus Prime(I KNOW, but I'm just not into my movie line anymore) $185(price is firm)

    Make me offers b4 I put them on Ebay for astronomical amounts of money!!! Pictures upon request. Buyer pays shipping from Switzerland. If you hurry I will be in California on April 8th to 16th for work and can ship from there. Good luck and thanks

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