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    Hey all some of the new figures out there have bios that just dont work for some of us. I thought this would be a the right place for us to start posting Bios of our own(to be shared among us).
    Ill start with ROTF Bludgeon. Feel free to post em here so we can all get a chance to see what we come up with. Also please feel free to post a picture of the fig you are writing about.

    for my version I am ignoring the bludgeon fig and background that was related to whirl and the wreckage repaint.

    Bludgeon has been hiding in Japan for hundreds of years knowing full well his Autobot foes would eventually arrive on the planet. While many Decepticons want to take all of the Autobots off-line, Bludgeon is fully focused on a battle with Ironhide and Sideswipe. His goal to destroy Ironhide has been at the forefront of his processor since the war began, but once he learned of Sideswipe's skill with a blade, Bludgeon decided both Autobots would offer a great challenge. Bludgeon came out of hiding after The Fallen announced the public existence of Cybertronians, and has signaled his challenge to the Two Autobots. A great battle is sure to take place in the heart of Japan, and Bludgeon has sworn their fight will be the making of legends.

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