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    when it comes to quantum leap as a series

    how might that play out if one were to adapt the basic idea to the transformers mythos?

    say with it taking place during the time that the original optimus prime was dead with optimus prime himself leaping and out of the lives of each of the various autobot leaders primes and convoys from one leader, prime or convoy to the next

    in a way optimus would be existin as both a guide to each of them and a ghost continueing to live his life through each of them and through the experience each of them would be learning what it means to be a true hero and leader in times of self doubt self pity and extreme emotional grief

    basicly primes role in a way would be that of jaggas character from thundercats but with it having a bit of deadman added to the mix as well

    I'm not a big QL fan myself to be honest

    but i think it'd be funnier with BW prime.

    its similar to when rodimus entered the matrix, but more awesome

    i actually think it would be a very interesting mix of TF and QL

    I'd love to hear Peter Cullen as OP say "Oh boy.".

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