let me know what you thik of this idea?

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    I got a question.

    With the U.S. governemnt obviously knowing about the Autobots existance on earth and their war with the decepticons what with agent Fowler being there in the middle of it all.

    How might it go over with the fanbase if over time in the transformers prime universe the series was to explore as a side story line a truly unprecedented opportunity.

    One that would successfully explore the origin and the earliest beginnigs of a truly mult national world army.

    One that would be created and funded by the governments of Canada , Great Brittain, the United States, South america and each of their allies

    With these government having rallied together interantionally to create and fund and manage this army over time.

    With it being futher expanded over time to include all governments and their nations through out the world.

    With this army being a truly ultra elite modern day Spartan beyond top secret world wide army made up of the most intelligent, smartest, brightest, most talented, craziest and daring S.O.Bs that the entire world and the human race had to offer

    These people would come from all sides of their societies, communities, governments and from all countries variouse armed forces and from all walks of life and levels of society

    Some would even come even from the criminal underworld as well.

    They would be rigourously trained in all manners and various types of hand to hand and armed combat all around and being especially trained to work together thoroughly as a well built cohesive combat anti terrosit unit.

    One that would be known only as Globally Inegrated Joint Operating Entity .

    For all intents and purposes it would literally be in every way possible the transformers prime universe's G.I.Joe

    With it beng revealed over time as transformers prime would proceed season by season that in the long term this version of G.I.Joe would actuallly go on to evolve over time to become the Earth Defense Command of the transformers prime universe.

    The larger part of that G.I.J.O.E. side story between the present day and that far off future would be explored in its own series over time

    While this version of G.I.J.O.E. would have originated in its origins from transformers prime it woud be spun off as its own series over time in the long term

    Events and story line elements in each series Would be refferanced in the others show over time in the logn term.

    This would be done to helpo strengthen the shared continuity between the two shows without robbing either show of the ability to stand out on its own.

    say a character from gijoe crossing over to transformers prime over time to go beyond being a mere government agent to join the autobots asa full time human ally.

    or a decepticon or autobot character starting off in stasis found by the joes and eventually bidding their time to make their way to their respective side as a member of the autobot decepticon forces in transformers prime

    or even cybertron tech finding its way into silas's hands and being sold to the cobra forces by M.E.C.H over time as parts of a major cross over storyline betwen the two series

    done right over time this could be seriously epicly awesome
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    I actually kind of like this idea. With Renegades on hiatus/cancelled, I wouldn't be surprised if they did a series in the CGI style of Prime, leading to future crossovers.
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    If the new GI Joe movie is a success this summer, I could see the Hub trying something like this.

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