Legacy of Bumblebee Walmart Exclusive Video Review and Giveaway

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    YouTube - Transformers Walmart Exclusive Legacy Of Bumblebee Three Pack Review with Deluxe Animated, Premium Movie, and Classics Bumblebee with New Paint Scheme

    Showing the Box, The Figures Out Of Box, The Differences with The New Legacy Of Bumblebee Classics Deluxe Bumblebee with Original Classics Deluxe Bumblebee.

    The Packaging is in Movie Style Packaging with one side showing a pic of Animated Bumblebee and the other Movie Bumblebee. The Back has a little bio about how important Bumblebee is to the Transformers Universe plus stats on Classics and Premium Movie Bumblebee. No Stats for Animated Bumblebee Tho. It comes with Two Sided Instructions that show the transformation for all Three from Alt to Robot Mode.

    Animated and Premium Movie Deluxe Bumblebee are the exact figures with no changes to them whatsoever.

    The Classics Bumblebee of course is the same mold with just black instead of white and blue headlights and back windows. His New Paint Scheme fits better with the Movie and Animated Bumblebee. His Jet Pack/Jet Ski is also all yellow and black with blue on it.

    This Retails for $28.99 which if you include how much a Classics Bumblebee goes for on ebay and even if you find the other two in stores this is a BARGIN and for People who missed out on any figure this is a Must Have for Bumblebee Fans. Plus For Collectors it's a great display piece or great to keep MISB.

    For My Subscribers I Am Giving Away This 3 Pack Learn How To Be Entered Here...

    YouTube - The Transformers Matrix Legacy Of Bumblebee Giveaway and Fan Of The Week 9/6/08

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