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    all figures Have been opened unless notified. willing to trade for figures listed in the link below
    SHOCKWING most wanted - Cybertron.CA - Canadian Transformers News and Discussion

    willing to pay shipping if bought $60+ worth of items

    Reminder I LIVE IN CANADA

    Armada Militray Minicons team (only 2/3)

    Energon scout Insecticon $6
    Energon Voyager Jetfire (no missle) name a price
    Energon Voyager Ironhide (missing: doors 1 is lost and guns) name a price

    CYbertron Scout Backstop (rhino) $8
    Cybertron Scout Wreckloose (lizard) $8
    Cybertron Deluxe Longrack (with not original key) $6
    Cybertron Deluxe Deffence Hotshot $10
    Cybertron Voyager Soundwave (no Laserbeak) $20
    Cybertron Legends Redalert and Galvatron (1 peg is broken on Galvatron) $2 each

    Universe Deluxe Blackarachnia $8
    Universe Deluxe Frostbite $5

    Animated Samurai Porwl (Mint) $16-$20

    TFM Allspark Ironhide $20
    TFM Allspark Jungle Bonecrusher $10

    RoTF Scout Deadend $6
    RoTF Scout Rollbar $6
    RoTF Deluxe Sideswipe $10
    RoTF Deluxe Chromia $10
    RoTF Deluxe Rampage $10
    RoTF Voyager Mixmaster $18 (missing missle)
    RoTF Voyager 2 pack "Surface to Air Showdown" Ratchet and/or Grindor $15 each togather $28

    Generations Dirge (mint) $20

    Marvel X-Men Origin: Wolverine-Bandit with box $5
    G.I.Joe RoC Snakeeyes & Viper Commando with box $6 each

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