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    Hi there,

    This is my leader class Shockwave figure from Dark of the Moon, he is slightly taller than optimus and megatron to keep him in proper scale with the movie.
    i have actually shown another version of this figure before but i decided to post him up as i have
    re-worked his paint job to make him a bit more purple and i wanted to get your oppinions on the build and paint. He is completely scratch built with no base figure
    at all to allow for the greatest amount of movie realism that i could make and using a megatron as a base just didnt get me the effect i wanted so i built him from
    his weirdo feet up. i actually quite like the feet all of those spikes and alien toe parts are all posable and speaking of posing here is a list of all of his moving bits.

    -Foot spikes and toes are all posable
    -ankle is balljointed
    -knee is posable and so is the knee guard
    -hips of course as well as the hip spike
    -waist is balljointed
    -shoulders and shoulder armour are both very posable with the shoulders haveing ratcheting joints
    -elbows are ratcheting joints
    -wrist is ball jointed
    -fingers are individually posable
    -head is ball jointed

    he also has a light up LED for his eye and cybertronian glyphs etched into his gun and sword.

    if you would like to buy him just send me a message with the price you are hoping for and i will get back to you right away, he will be shipped via express courier international
    which only takes 3-5 days worldwide and is completely trackable and very safe, speaking of safe i sell on ebay under the user name forgottenforest and you can see my feedback

    eBay Feedback Profile for forgottenforest

    no negatives and 1136 positives :)  payment is by paypal so you will be covered every step of the way. ok i think thats everything, just let me know if i forgot anything.

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