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    Now On EBAY


    7 day auction, low reserve

    ALL HAIL MEGATRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh how he could peel the flesh from that little fleshing Sam Whitwicky, it feels good to grab his flesh! Sam should have just given him the cube when he had the chance. Now the Doctor will examine this specimen to obtain the code hidden within this fleshings brain. That code will give Megatron the map to find the Matrix of Leadership and the machine to harvest this pethitic planets sun. More energon for Cybertron to rebuild the Decepticon army!

    Low Reserve, only to cover my costs on materials. Happy Bidding!!!

    Sam Whitwicky figure is NOT included in this auction.

    Megatron has been modified with a more screen accurate look but has made him non-transformable. But honestly which way is anyone going to display him.... Robot mode or tank mode? Megatron has been painstakenly disassembled, cleaned prepped and painted for best finish possible. Megatron has also been given multiple clear coats for that dull worn metal look and for protection of the paint job.

    So here's what's been done to Megatron:

    Megatron still retains all original articulation and then some!

    Lights and sounds are all still operational and unchanged.

    Screen accurate claw on ball joint, individual "fingers" on the claw for articulation

    Ball jointed "Murder Arm" can bend at elbow and turn 360 degrees

    Resculpted cannon on "Murder Arm" for screen accurate look

    Entire figure was stripped, cleaned and prepped for best paint adhesion possible

    Realistic worn metal look using Kustom Kolors paints (the best available!)

    Custom shading and highliting to give figure depth

    Hand painted details (brass, copper and gold) gears, lines etc

    Jet exhaust painted for flame effect

    Red jewels placed on all jet and thrust exhaust for fire effect of ignition

    Multiple clear coats for added paint job protection

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