Non-TF: LD Voltron Flame Sword Sleeve

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by Autobot00, Jul 8, 2017.

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    In the last episode of season 2 Shiro used his bayard to light Voltrons sword on fire to make it the blazing sword. I decided i wanted the blazing sword for my combiner Voltron.

    20170708_165048.jpg 20170708_165057.jpg 20170708_165129.jpg 20170708_165146.jpg 20170708_165159.jpg

    If interested heres how to make it.

    1.) Wrap the sword in aluminum foil. Just 1 layer. tape the seam to hold it together. Be careful not to make it too tight and dont try to perfectly mold the foil to the contours of the sword. The tip flares out and you wont be able to get it off. Give it a test removal before continuing to make sure u can get it off. The foil will give an inner "sheen" giving it a shinier inner lighted look.

    2.) Using a hot glue gun rub the glue onto the foil. rubbing it will give it a wavey finish to look more like fire. While rubbing do a dabbing motion with it, this will give it a stringy finish as well. Completely cover the foil with hot glue. When done trim any extra foil. I actually hot glued the inside of the sleeve about 1/4" in to "seal" the opening. Just a very thin layer.

    3.) Paint the first coat with a bright yellow. make the paint watery to make sure its transparent. You want the foil to show through.

    4.) On top of that randomly dab orange. dipping your brush in water thin the orange to also be transparent and blend it in leaving a yellow and orange finish. The yellow and orange should be thicker/darker in the folds of the hot glue. This works to your advantage.

    5.) Seal with whatever you choose. I used the future polish, 2 coats.

    Good luck to anyone trying this.
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    Kind of looks like cheese. ​

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