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    I saw this guy didn't have a feeedback thread, so I decided I ought to make one.

    Avoid this guy at all costs, he's nothing but a scammer.

    We made a deal to trade a few spare figures back in September, and I sent my part of the deal right away. He never sent anything despite multiple promises that he would, and all I ever got were excuses about how his divorce was keeping him from going to the post office.

    The delay between replies became increasingly longer, with the assurance that he was definitely gonna send my package soon but hadn't yet due to some unforeseen circumstance, and he had thrown in another figure for the wait. I told him I wasn't interested in extra figures, and asked that he please just send me what he owed me.

    Back in October he just quit responding entirely, and he appears to have vacated the boards since. I don't know what's with TFW and all the scammers lately, but I'm really sick of getting burned by folks who initially appear trustworthy...

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