Latias Prime's small TF collection (plus two plushies)

Discussion in 'Transformers Collection Showcase' started by Latias Prime, May 30, 2010.

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    I don't own many Transformers, and those I do own are mostly easy-to-find figures, but I'm still proud of it.


    From left to right are:

    Deluxe ROTF Sideswipe: The first figure I ever bought on my own. Got him around May of 2009, when I was shopping for a school trip to Washington D.C.

    Dragon plushie: Not a TF, I know, but too cute not to put up.

    Manaphy plushie: Another non-TF, but I got it around the time I got my copy of the 2007 movie, so it's up here.

    Deluxe ROTF Chromia: Bought along with my Toshiba laptop. She's tricky to transform, especially because I lost her instuctions. My only femme-bot.

    Voyager ROTF Recon Ironhide: Bought with a Wal-Mart gift card after Christmas. So hard to transform, but I love all the guns and knives he comes with.

    Armada Powerlinx Hot Shot: My favorite figure. He's missing his missile, engine block, and Jolt, but he belonged to my little brother before me, so they might still be with his stuff. Hot Shot is my good-luck-charm, and I always have him with me.

    Voyager ROTF Optimus Prime: A Christmas gift from my parents. I was surprised at how easy he was to transform.

    Deluxe Armada Cyclonus: Another Armada figure that belonged to my brother. Again, missing his Mini-Con.

    Universe Razorclaw: Also belonged to my brother. Missing all his missiles.

    And on top of my boombox,

    Deluxe Alliance Bumblebee: My newest TF. There were so many in stock at the local Target, I broke down and bought one.

    Not many, I know, but my collection is always growing.
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    You made the same mistake I did when I tried to post pictures on another forum. Don't copy the URL from your Hard Drive, Copy them from a photo hosting site such as Photobucket.

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