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    Excuse me if its been covered before, but I couldn't see a thread about it.

    The latest newsletter (Aug/Sep) should be arriving any day now for international members.

    Page 1 covers the botcon sets, with the images shown on the Botcon site and boxart.

    Page 2 has an article "Attacktix Madness" with lots of goodies about the new TF figure game.

    Page 3 has an IDW Publishing rundown with Stormbringer #2, Evolutions #3, Generations 6, and TPB news.

    Page 4 covers more obscure international releases, with Brazil figures of Autobot mini-cars without autobot logos.

    Page 5 covers Blackthornes 3D comics, in an article that is too small and ocntains no interior artwork.

    Pages 6 and 7 have bios of Cybertron Downshift, and Unicron Deluxe in what is a poorly written and typo plagued biography whose continuity is unclear/

    Pages 8 through 10 are Kabaya candy toys (Cybertron era), followed by art and then the comic

    *********SPOILER WARNING****************
    Unicron returns in his new Cybertron Deluxe form in the final page of the comic
    *********SELECT TEXT TO READ*************

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