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    No reasonable offer will be turned down please take this stuff.

    VSX WST Prime Vs. Megatron box.insert,and the magazine it came with.Make offer

    2007 live action movie with beginings dvd mint sealed $12.00 shipped to U.S. and Canada overseas $15.00

    Vintage VHS all play well and have the cases:

    TF Volume 1 More then meets the eye

    Volume 2 The Ultimate Doom

    Volume 4 Fire in the sky

    Volume 5 Divide and Conquer

    Volume 6 Roll for it

    Kid Rhino box sets:

    Box set 1,volume 1 Prime threat,volume 2 Programmed for evil,volume 3 Revenge of the Decepticons

    Box set 2,volume 4 The key to Vector Sigma,volume 5 Evolution Revolution,volume 6 Return to Cybertron

    Volume 7 The Return of Optimus Prime

    Transformers the movie near mint with all papers

    DVD Transformers Villians,The Ultimate Doom/Heroes The Rebirth

    Marvel Comics:
    Head masters #2 and issue #38

    G1 Metroplex missles x2

    G1 k/o Megatron bullets X10 still on sprue

    G1 k/o megatron sword

    G1 Hound seat pair with pin no stress marks

    G1 Hound repro left mirror

    G1 techs Scrapper/Mixmaster/Scavenger/Longhaul

    G1 set of Omega Supreme electronics/gears and light working

    G1 encore Metroplex box

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