Large number of Alternators up including Mirage, Shockblast ending within hours!

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    All these boxes are opened but all are in at least C9.9 condition and many have never been played with. The only one who is C9.9 is Mirage, the rest are mint.
    Mirage [EBAY]170217940980[/EBAY]
    Optimus [EBAY]170217941967[/EBAY]
    Ricochet [EBAY]170217942547[/EBAY]
    Windcharger [EBAY]170217943381[/EBAY]
    Swindle [EBAY]170217943905[/EBAY]
    Silverstreak [EBAY]170217944156[/EBAY]
    Battle Ravage [EBAY]170217945548[/EBAY]
    Autobot Hound [EBAY]170217946259[/EBAY]
    White Meister [EBAY]170217946682[/EBAY]
    Shockblast [EBAY]170217947911[/EBAY]
    These auction end in just a few hours from posting this notice. Dont miss out on the cheaper prices!
    Just to let you know, Swindle starred in Movebuster's low budget theatre.

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