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    moving out soon and need the room, so this stuff has to go. I prefer to just keep it all together so no offers for individual stuff. I need this stuff gone as soon as possible, so im just opening it up to offers, if you wanna make me a reasonable offer of what ever is fair, I'll more then likekly take it :)  Trades are welcome too ,as long as it doesn't take up a whole lot of space. I like G1 stuff! If I can get a few hundred for the lot here, that'd be great. im losing a crap load of money but don't really care at this point to be honest XD my loss is your gain



    Everything pictured is what you'd get, its all been opened already, and put back in packaging. nothing is sealed, just so you know, everything is 100% complete with all accessories and paperwork and packaging, they are identical to being brand new, except they have been opened and played with. Carded figures were cut around the plastic bubble, so they can still be displayed in packaging (as you can tell from the pictures, you can't tell anything was opened, but they were. I can remove them all from the packaging to save on shipping if you prefer. Shipping will be expensive since im in Canada, so keep that in mind! Probably $100+ to ship it all in the packages, but around 30 or so out of the packages
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