Lack of new robot screen time is not a flaw, its an expectation

Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by darthrage, Jun 24, 2009.

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    I've read that many people were dissappointed that alot of the new characters weren't given decent amount of time.

    I'm somewhat dissappointed as well.

    But I think it is because our definition of more robot screen time and action is different from what Michael Bay defined.

    He thought it would be best to add more quantity as opposed to spending more time to focus on the actual character.

    That's why in "HIS" story, characters were killed off quickly or they just appeared and dissappeared whenever.

    But of course after following the production for a whole year, we gave ourselves expectations hoping that we would see a whole dialogue scene between Sideswipe and other Autobots. It is safe to say the new robots in ROTF have less screen time than the Autobots in Transformers (2007).

    Michael Bay just meant that more robot action means putting tonnes of nameless robots (especially Decepticons) into a single shot.

    I wouldn't say that this is a flaw in the movie. Because a flaw is what makes us believe why a movie doesn't get a perfect 10/10 score from plot holes to unexplained events, lazy writing, bad acting, to dragging scenes. But if you just didn't like it because Sideswipe only had 3 lines or Sideways got killed off quickly, thats just a personal expectation that you gave yourself.

    I was dissappointed that after hearing so much about Jolt, Arcee and Sideswipe, we saw so little of them. But that was just an expectation I gave myself. If I hadn't followed the production so much (which is impossible), I probably would've felt better about their lack of screen time.
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    I dont mind that my favorite bot or con didn't get the screen time I wanted or whatever. Thats life.

    What makes it a flaw is that if you do not take the time to invest your audience in the people, or in this case robots, they are watching then they really dont give a damn when they died. Peter Jackson or one of his people gave a great explanation for this in one of the Two towers commentaries. He explained that when cutting the major battle scenes that had to be careful not to stay away from the main characters (Aragon, legolas, gimli,) for too long. Watching random people beat on random orcs would become tiring and boring to the audience if you focused on it for too long.

    This is Bays major flaw with the movie. He clutters the screen with so many characters but doesnt give you time to care about any of them. The only character I had any attachment to while watching this movie was Prime and he was dead for half of it.

    It's ok to have background bots. They reminded me of all the jedi from the prequel. fans will now the names and back stories and the average moviegoer wont care. However this whole movie felt like a collection of background characters and thats why it does not meet the standards of the first one.

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