Kup-01 Heads Processing at BBTS

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Dr. Grimlockisking, Apr 14, 2011.

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    Logged into my pre-orders and the Kup-01 heads I ordered are now processing. Might not be big news to those ordered elsewhere, but didn't see it posted anywhere else. If I'm mistaken, mods, feel free to close/lock/delete.
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    I ordered direct from iGear back in February & last week they sent me an e-mail saying the Kup-01 sets were shipping, and mine came in the mail today. Posted a couple pics in the "most recent purchase" thread.

    As for the set itself, they fixed the problem that the Hasbro head has where it'll pop off the ball joint & wobble around by... not leaving such a big gap underneath the chin, duh! The plastic seems to match up almost perfectly with the neck area's assembly, and it's definitely more G1 in design. If they could've included light piping for the eyes, it'd be a no-brainer purchase for anyone who bought Kup.

    The only real consideration is that the cygar itself is very thin where it meets the mouth, and since it's hard ABS plastic, it's pretty likely to break off if you ever drop him. I'm not even gonna think about putting Kup back into vehicle mode with his head attached.

    But overall, for $13 shipped, I feel quite satisfied with the upgrade parts & if I were kooky enough to buy the United version, I'd probably have to get the Kup-02 set as well for that.

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