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    About a month ago, I put out a "Wanted" ad for that ashcan comic that came with the regular Target version of the TF movie and kronos answered it and said to just send over what I thought was fair via Paypal, so I sent over $3 figuring that would definitely cover media mail and some besides given its small size. He says "cool" and tells me he shipped it out about 3 weeks ago now.

    Fast-forward to today and still nothing. He even contacted me 2 weeks after he sent it and asked if I ws enjoying it. I promptly PMed him right back, explained the situation, and asked him if he had gotten the address correct and which shipping method did he use? I told him he had a week to get back to me or I'd have to leave negative feedbck (my first, I'm sorry to say). One week later, here it is.

    Yeah, it was only $3, but it's the principle of the matter. If it magically appears sometime soon, I'll change this comment, but until then.... :( 
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    I am currently involved in a Paypal dispute with this member. Avoid at all costs.

    I purchased a Transformers Collector's Club TopSpin figure from him on July 25th, 2010. I waited 10 business days for the item to show up before contacting him via Private Message here at

    Despite him logging in every night on multiple occassions...he refuses to respond to my PM's.

    EDIT for August 28th, 2010: I have won the Paypal dispute, and my funds have been restored. I highly recommend all to avoid this board member. The fact that he continues to log in and check the boards everyday without responding to any PMs is the most disturbing part.

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