Heavy/Scratch: Kreo Powermaster Optimus Prime and Bonus!

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by KnightHawkke, Feb 9, 2012.

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    Yeah, for right now it is a teaser shot, For the moment I only have a shot of Optimus and only in robot mode. (Trailer is complete rest assured) Have to wait for better light tomorrow to get a nicer spread. Might even add some stickers. :wink: 

    Fully transformable for the most part, Both Trailer and Robot. Sadly the head does not go anywhere on the cab. Also on the cab a few parts on the arms and hands have to be moved between modes, I can live with that though. The armor/trailer is more parts formery, still based on a solid frame however. Even has a God Bomber kinda chest plate! Will have to see tomorrow!

    He is made from only basic Optimuses.. 4 of them. >.> Tomorrow I will post many more pics and show some of the inner workings. He is about a Voyager size without armor. (Yes he still has the funky basic Prime "hips" due to the the parts in the kits)

    Anyway without further adieu:

    Wow, I took that picture at a bad angle :lol 

    And the bonus:

    A quasi Movie Kreo Sideswipe, the arm blades rotate (well they pegged in the same place just rotated) forward and back, made from just one Sideswipe. Sadly the legs did not seem to like holding up that much weight so I had to add the foot pads you see, however, those could be removed and he had fully functional wheelfeetz.

    Sadly he is no longer in existence, parted back down for what I hope to be my Kreo Pièce de résistance. Here is a hint. "Bulkhead! I Needed That!!" :D 

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    That's awesome ! Will you do a tutorial on how to build it ?

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