Minor/Repaint: Kre-o Ratchet

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by oswaldCobblepot, Jul 3, 2012.

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    I think this is where I post this? I didn't want to intrude on anyone else's thread, and I'm not sure where else this would go. Anyway...

    Let me start of by saying that the instruction-built Kre-o Ratchet is...well, terrible. It's bland, it's drab, it's a mess, it's just overall bad. So I wanted to redo it in a way that wouldn't make me regret buying it. I plan on doing this with several Kre-o's, but I wanted to do Ratchet first since he is comparatively simple.

    My goal was to re-do him in a way that both improved his overall appearance, while also adding a sense that, yeah, maybe he actually could transform that way. (eg hood/roof pieces become the arms, side/bottom pieces and tires become the legs) I didn't base him off any particular Ratchet because I don't think they did either, and there is no way I could pull something out of nothing. It's weird, all the current Kre-o sets seem to be based off a strange fusion of movie and classics universes. I should also mention it's a bit of a pet peeve of mine when the instructions don't use all the given pieces. I always find a way to use every last piece.

    (I apologize for the Batman backdrop, it was the quickest way to hide my disaster of a room.)

    From the front:

    As you can see, he's a fair bit different than the default. I pretty much re-engineered his legs and arms. The only thing I left the same was his general body shape. I tried to keep pieces where I feel they would have been, had he actually been given the ability to transform. I put most of the roof pieces into his arms and shoulders, and moved all the wheels down to his legs. I also pushed his chest in a peg, and moved some of the grills/lights around. Overall his legs are a bit shorter, and his arms are bulkier, leading to a slightly stockier appearance.

    I had to improvise with the symmetry juuust a little but, due to the set having an asymmetrical amount of certain pieces. His right bicep is slightly hollow.

    The back:

    Not much change here. Not much to change, really. /shrug
    Good view of the tires.

    Side view:


    His shoulder pads sort of impede his movement, but they are entirely movable in the event I want to raise his arms.

    Here's the original, for comparison:
    And actually, even this picture is better than the model you get following the default instructions. Maybe its a prototype or something.

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    I really like what you did here, nice work!! I agree that most of the "stock" bot modes are crap. Not only do we think so, but apparently so does Hasbro. If you go to the Kre-O website, most of the bots modes in the product pictures are vastly different than what the instructions tell you to do. Different enough that I wish they would put out alternate instructions because they're much better.

    I just got done remodeling Starscream, Megatron (Split Lip version), Sideswipe, and just touching up Sentinel. I still have Prime, Ratchet, Jazz, & Prowl to do, but will post my own thread when I'm done. I look forward to seeing what else you come up with for your other figures!!
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    That's pretty good. I might do that to my Ratchet.

    On an other note: Alfred has an action figure? Cool!

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