Kre-O Protectobot Idea

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by HeroicC300, May 16, 2012.

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    May 4, 2011
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    They'd fill in five sets, but this would be what you got:

    High-roller duel:
    Transformers: Streetwise and Payload
    Kreons: Armored Truck Driver, Cop, Bank Teller, Streetwise, Payload
    Buildings: Add-on for the Prime V. Megs bank set

    Beachside Rumble:
    Transformers: Evac and Thunderblast (this is assuming that Evac will replace Blades on the team from now on)
    Kreons: Vacationer x2 (male and female), Coast Guard Pilot (who'd be Dani Burns), Evac, Thunderblast
    Buildings: None, but you'd get a raft for Evac to pick-up

    Highway Toll:
    Transformers: Groove (he'd be a police car to avoid the brain-breakage of being a motorbike the same size as a chopper) and Barricade (undercover SUV)
    Kreons: Agent, Highway Officer, Groove, Barricade
    Buildings: Toll Booth

    Hot Spot Rescue (guess which protectobot we get here)
    Transformers: Smolder
    Kreons: Inferno, Flashpoint (Hot Zone sucks as a name, so I'm using this), Smolder, Fireman x2
    Buildings: Cafe (burning)

    Medical Rush:
    Transformers: First Aid and Flatline
    Kreons: First Aid, Flatline, Scapel, Doctor, Nurse, Patient, Undertaker
    Buildings: none

    Special pieces you'd get to form Defensor:
    Left hand: Beachside Rumble
    Right hand: Medical Rush
    Left foot: High-roller duel
    Right foot: Highway toll
    Head: Hot Spot rescue

    I tried to give good 'rivals' to the protectobots.

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