Kre-O Mech Venom Strike (Windcharger VS Corhada)

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    Like the “Dark Energon” series, “Beast Hunters” gives us two VS Packs for Kreons, though this time instead of Troopbuilders we get brick-built Predacons. Strangely, neither of the sets bother to actually name anyone included, though we do have their names thanks to the NYCC presentation.

    (I realize these sets were released a while ago, but they didn’t have a review nor much in the way of decent pictures)

    Hey, it’s that guy everybody went crazy for a few years back.
    Windcharger is standard Kreon fare: decent range of articulation, prone to stress marks and cracks even straight out of package (especially the wrists, as you can see).
    Like a lot of Autobots, he’s red. I suppose the grey helmet helps make him stand out.

    Windcharger comes with a display brick to stand on, in matching colors, too.

    Windcharger can be rebuilt into a squashed-looking car, though considering that’s how the original looked it’s not a bad thing.
    What’s strange, though, is that the instructions tell you to put this sticker on top of the clear windshield part. The stickers are somewhat translucent, but not that translucent.
    Needless to say, I didn't apply that one.

    Windcharger comes with a cannon, also in matching colors. I wonder if he gets everything in those colors…
    Windy can man the controls, though given the weakness of his wrists I’m not entirely comfortably actually letting him do so.
    The missile itself has a peg that allows it to be held by Kreon hands…or Predacon jaws.

    I wish there was a Metroplex set to tack this onto…

    Like his Beast Wars Neo namesake, Corhada is a blue snake, something we don’t see much of in Transformers. He has a good deal less body than the packaging implies, but he is by no means tiny.
    Since he has to coil a bit to be able to rear up, you can’t really have both the head and clawed tail up in an attack positions.

    The semi-translucency of the stickers really hampers the eyes.

    Corhada’s a Predacon, though oddly he uses the “beta” insignia that showed up on early promotional shots of various other Predacons. Even weirder is that the packaging uses the proper Predaking-esque symbol. Crazy fanon theory time!

    His body is made up of 10 balljoints, so he has an impressive range of motion.
    Basically can do everything you'd expect a snake monster to do.

    I’m mixed on this set. Not quite impressed with Windcharger and his cannon, but that’s due to the sense that it’s been done before (plus I have no nostalgic connection to Windy). Corhada, on the other hand, is a cool addition to not only the Kreon universe, but to the Beast Hunters Predacons, who were in desperate need of something different. Recommended!

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