KP Rodimus, THS Black convoy, G1 Starscream reissue

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    1. KP Rodimus: Item for sale is a USA release Rodimus with the box, paperwork and accessories from KP Rodimus. Item is MIB condition with tight joints. Item is complete. Asking $70 shipped in USA.

    2. THS Black Convoy: Item is MIB. I bought this figure to get one of the regular Prime heads that came with it. I removed one of the G1 Prime head. The other G1 Prime head is included. Other than that extra head item is complete was never transformed or played with. Asking $80 shipped in USA.

    3. G1 Starscream reissue: This is the Takara reissue 22 Starscream. Item is missing the landing gear and long missiles. Item is in MIB condition and comes with TFC box and DVD. Asking $30 shipped in USA.

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