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    Conducted a trade with him around mid-to-late May. Everything on my part of the trade went perfectly. His, however, was lost in the mail due to the label coming off. He said he had it insured and would send me money instead of a figure to compensate for my loss. USPS apparently didn't give him the money and he said he would reimburse me by sending my figures back. However, kookookajew did not send them whatsoever and when I asked for money instead, he did not sent that as well. Since May, I've been sending him messages here and there to check in with him, but he hasn't updated me with any information of reimbursement. He simply does not respond promptly. For example, his last log-in was yesterday while my recent message to him was sent a day or two prior. Now it has almost been four months since our trade and I am still left empty-handed. I have been incredibly lenient. I have been holding back from posting this since then because I don't like giving people a bad name, but it is time for me to speak up. I am still down $40 worth of figures thanks to him.

    Bottom line: Really poor communication, failure to fulfill an even trade, and pretty sketchy if you ask me.

    I recommend all board members to not strike a deal with kookookajew. It has been a wearisome three and a half months for me. Like I said, I don't like giving anyone negative feedback and I gave him the benefit of the doubt for an extended amount of time. I just thought it was time for me to speak up and share my experience with kookookajew.

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