KO RotF Leader Prime - Clear "Family Mart" version

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    I'm a sucker for translucent figures, especially full coloured translucent. Family Mart Prime was never going to happen for me, but after buying a KO Striker Prime, and being impressed with the quality, I was willing to risk a clear KO this time.

    As far as I know, Show.Z and tf-direct are the only stores that sell this explicitly stating its a KO. I see an awful lot of eBay stores listing "authentic" ones though... and seriously, I don't know how you'd know.

    The order with Show.Z was a real pain. After a month of waiting, my box arrived in perfect condition... containing over-sized TLK Sqweeks. Seriously? Show.Z took a while to get it fixed with his supplier and the proper box sent out. Another 5 weeks to Canada, and my box arrived mangled (fairly typical of my Show.Z orders - I was really hoping for better).

    The box looked the goods, but got recycled. Simplified life.

    I'll keep the review short. As a KO, I'm super impressed. Joints are tight. Everything clicks, ratchets, slides, and locks like it should (excluding one spot, see gripes below). I've not found any stress fractures yet, and transformed both ways twice now. Paint is high quality. I'm disappointed that his head/face looks bad. Plain. But from photos, he's overall indistinguishable from a genuine figure.

    My gripes: Lots of little hang-tags from where the sprue was clipped off. These are not as clean as a 'real' TF. I'm picky about these, and wound up shaving off about two dozen sharp bits. Particularly between the rear fenders - they prevented the fenders from laying flush together. Those were the only ones that caused any functional impairment.
    Otherwise, the soft exhaust stacks never look as straight as I like; the window-shades never look right on his chest (I put them up kind of like a collar) - I think the ball-joint is deformed, so falls into it's own preferred location; and the batteries look terrible through the back of the alt-mode.

    I did a little mod on his chest, because the sliding plate pins worried me - there's a photo. I also removed the blades cause, wow, are they ever in the way.

    I've also added the axe and trailer from YotH Prime. Clear plastics colours aren't a perfect match, and I did a little hitch-mod, but I like the combo.

    Has anyone else ever noticed that this figure can fit his fist into MP10's axe? Awesome!

    On to the good stuff!

    DSC03862_sm.JPG DSC03864_sm.JPG DSC03867_sm.JPG DSC03868_sm.JPG DSC03871 - Copy_sm.JPG DSC03872_sm.JPG DSC03874 - Copy_sm.JPG DSC03875_sm.JPG DSC03876_sm.JPG DSC03879_sm.JPG DSC03881_sm.JPG DSC03885_sm.JPG
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