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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by dsn1014, Jan 30, 2011.

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    I was in TK Maxx today and stumbled on this charming little Energon Wreckage knockoff, that has a couple minor issues, but is a great solid piece overall.

    I loved this mold when I got it first in minicon size, but now I have a monster the size of over a scout.


    So I want to paint him up, but am at a loss to think of who, though I'd like it to be something BW era, I have the setting for him in mind, but I'd like to think of a suitable character to paint him up as. In my head this is for the Universe shelf, BW size types would be legends class, so he'd be pretty big among them.

    Its after the end of the Great War. Cybertron is shaken, the population is recovering and the Maximals and Predacons are taking control. This progressed and the planet began a big upgrade to become more self sufficient and economical through the down sizing of the population. The planet wishes to withdraw from the universe, so that it may heal from the wounds of war without end, so the change is necessary to make sure there is enough for everyone to live in peace, or thats what the Maximals will tell you. Some don't want this and would rather run, fugitives from the new world, they can never leave the war behind. The ones that are caught are reformed and upgraded. The Maximals rule and the Predacons enforce, to be hunted by a Bulk Collector is not enviable position and if you do not get with the program, they'll come for you too.

    So I want to do a character that sits in there well. Sorry, didn't expect that last paragraph to turn into fan fiction but there ya go.

    Basically I've a nice toy I want to paint and I'd like ideas :)  Please feel free to be well outside the box.

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