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    I don't know which version of Optimus Prime this is a KO of, but I'm guessing it's a legend or scout sized figure originally.

    The feel
    He feels like a KO, there's not really much else to say. The plastic feels a little better than Super Change Robot Super Vespid, but so does syphilis.

    Vehicle mode
    The vehicle mode is alright, there's nothing great about it, but it doesn't make you want to stick blunt objects into your eye either. So that's something.
    There's a big hole in the front of the grill, as far as I can see it serves no purpose on this KO. Maybe it made more sense in the original version.

    All the wheels touch the ground, and turn around.

    There's a bit of a gap between the top of the cab/hood and the rest. I didn't manage to close that any better than on this picture.

    Gaptoothimus Prime

    Robot mode
    Again, not as bad as Super Vespid or Hot Rod/Hot Shot, but there's still nothing great about this thing. The face is mildly terrifying, but I think that's got more to do with the movie design, rather than the quality of this toy.


    He has a bit of a backpack, but has no problems standing straight up and down. Any other pose is a challenge though.

    Here he is with his friends.
    They don't like him very much

    Head swivel
    The panels the shoulders are attached to are on hinges (up/down), and there are ball joints on the arms themselves. Very limited use of the ball joints, as there are little bits of left-over plastic on them that makes only a few positions possible.
    Hips are on the same kind of ball joint, limited in motion and kinda useless.

    This is the most advanced pose I could get him in without him eating dirt.

    This isn't a bad kids toy. You won't risk a child's health by giving it this, at least. It's easy to transform, if a little fragile feeling in a hinge the upper body is attached to (needed in transformation, does not add articulation)
    If a kid wants a decently sized movie OP toy, this isn't a terrible alternative, but I'd assume the official ones are better.

    For collectors I would only recommend this guy to people who want a toy to act out aggression on. If people do that.

    Thanks for reading!

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