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    Does anyone know of a KO G1 Thundercracker? I have a G1 Thundercracker that doesn't have any Hasbro/Takara stamp on it at all is this a KO? Starscream & Skywarp have the stamp on the outside of their left leg. Also can anyone tell me where to find the stamp on G1 Optimus Prime, I have seen many G1 figures of OP but have never seen the stamp.
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    According to Fredsworkshop(.com) not necessarily a knock off based on that.


    Though covered in the Stampings and Rubbies page, it deserves a mention here. You can have several manufacturer-stampings on the jets. From a completely blank leg (the Pre-TF and first TF issue; often confused with fakes), to a Takara-only stamping, to Takara with dates, to Hasbro/Takara (Japan), and on the reissues, Hasbro/Takara (blocked dates) but CHINA. What fun.
    Type 1) Pre-Tf: NO manufacturer-stamping on leg.
    Type 2) TF: No manufacturer-stamping on leg.
    Type 3) TF: Takara-only on leg.
    Type 4) (Insert transitional stamping here.)
    Type 5) TF: Hasbro/Takara shared.
    Type 6) TF: G2, Hasbro/Takara (**date China).
    Type 7) TF: TRU reissue, Hasbro/Takara shared (** China)."

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