Knight Morpher Optimus KO

Discussion in 'Transformers 3rd Party Reviews' started by lechuckgl, Sep 15, 2012.

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    Ok, today finally arrived my Knight Morpher Optimus KO Figure (3rd 3rd party figure ?). I ordered it on chimungmung.

    I must say: pretty good for a KO, cheap figure( 16 USD ). This figures retains all the articulation from the original figure (ball joint for the head, double joint for the arms, ball joint for the feet) which is good, but they're so loose they needs some tightening. Not big deal though: just some epoxy and a knife or a dremel it's all you should need. Sadly, you can say the same about the accesories: there is no jetpack, lance, matrix of leadership and alternative hands, but there is a sword and there are 2 rails for displaying the figure in train mode.

    Stetically looks very similar to the Mastermind's figure, but with some noticiable differences, specially in the details department. Nevertheless, it still looks pretty good.

    For die-hard fans (that means, everybody in here :p ), the figure needs some customization: first, and most important, that head its not from Optimus. That horrible "antena-like-thingies" are horrible. Luckly, you can cut them easely (first thing I did).
    Then, you may want to remodel the sword's handle: the handle has some wings that really don't go well with the figure. Some cutting and sanding, and you'll fix this is 2 minutes (or 5 if you don't have a dremel).
    Finally, you need to add some epoxy to the holes in the arms in order to attach the shield, as it's connector is too thin.

    One all the modifications are done, you want (I mean, YOU REALLY WANT) to repaint it. There are several color schemes for these figures...none of them are good. Another reason you've want to repaint it is that the plastic looks cheap...a paint coat will cover that.

    As I said, plastic looks cheap, but it looks worst than it is. Sure: is not perfect, and some parts look like you need to take extra care, specially when transforming, but it won't break if you don't try crazy things with it.

    Bottom line: I can really recomend this figure if you are into Heart Of Steel, but can't afford the "original" 3rd party figure. Needs a little modding, but I think anyone with enough will should acomplish the basic modding the figure needs. Paint may require some skill, or a lot of patience.

    These are some photos of the figure:


    I'll post some of mine in the customs section once I finish all the modding and painting :) 
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    Michigan, USA
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    Wow that looks nothing like the MMC one. Just ripping off the mold of the toy and doing its own take with a total different head sculpt and different colour scheme
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    I found the white one on ebay too for $30 and free shipping.
    He is a sturdy figure and is larger than I though he would be.
    I am very impressed!!
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    This might also be useful for those wanting some 'background' Knight Morphers to flesh out the ranks until MMC gives us some non-evil guys from this line. Some fodder for Annihilator to stomp.

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