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    I'm working on a new continuity of Transformers Universe, Eternity (not alternity). I wanted to recreate transformers to be more of a 'mecha', and have a futuristic, yet stylish mech feel to it and less cartoony, kind of like what Beast Machines had attempted. I like to think of it as Macross, except the robots are sentient and have personalities.

    Eternity Stroy (synopsis)
    In The far flung future, mankind has journeyed out into space and now travel in large space fleets/colonies. One day, one of these fleets come across the ruins of a destroyed civilization that appeared to be highly technologically advanced, finding advanced structures of spacecraft, massive basses and advanced alien technology....but no sign of their owners.... So great was the technology of these 'space ruins' that mankind began to reverse engineer it for themselves. years later, these ruins are still being researched.... but when researchers do what they think to be a routine examination of a small alien craft, they are in for a big surprise when they discovering an energy-being sleeps withing the crafts' 'living metal'. with the awakening of this long-forgotten veteran of a long-forgotten war. The battle begins anew!

    -I have a more developed story, so if anybody is interested just let me know and I can start working on it and post it in a different section. and let me know your thoughts and opinions as well.-

    the character - CODENAME: SHOCKBLAST
    A promising lieutenant of the Destron(Decepticon) Elite space fleet before an unknown threat threatened to destroy their races planet. Shockblast Was called into action as the commander of a Destron Special Operations Unit. This Units unsuccessful mission led to the destruction of a major strategic base that wiped out many of his comrades, and put him into stasis sleep. He sees his new revival as a chance to prove himself worthy and redeem himself by teaming up with the humans to destroy the menace that nearly wiped out his race so many eons ago.

    Strength: 7
    Intellegence: 9
    Speed: 8
    Endurace: 5
    Firepower: 9
    Skill: 8
    Rank: Lieutenant of Destron Elite Space Fleet, and a Destron Special operation Commander

    the figure / toy

    I really liked how this turned out. I had always seen potential in the Jetstorm Toy from Beast machines. an I feel I have really brought it out by making his 'arms' more versitile by modding them to add removable equipment on and off.

    He has a few modes.
    Robot - standard - fast and very maneuverable, and packs a decent punch and sports rapid fire laser shots from his laser cannon, but vulnerable to strong attacks. ideal mode for space battles
    Robot - Attack - ready to clobber, arms convert so he can hit harder, at the expense of being a little less maneuverable
    Robot - Defense/Sentinel mode - Large and strong, well armored, and high firepower, but slow and not very maneuverable, his legs separate into four so he can 'tread'. (he's a tank)
    Gerwalk - no data available, this odd mode is a gamble, good for a quick change to throw the enemy off-guard.
    Grapler-attack ship - moderate speed while moving - not too maneuverable, but great for close combat. and powerful beam-cannon charges
    Jet/jet assualt spacecraft - incredibly fast and uses rapid-fire beam-cannon charges

    He is kit bashed out of a Energon Shockblast head, a universe Skywarp body, Classics 2.0 Cyclones legs and beam cannon, and a few Beast Machines Parts

    I am still working on him and tweaking/modding. suggestions welcome.


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    Holy crap!! Thats is sweet, I dig the backstory and the figure itself. You did a great job.
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    NICE JOB> Very unusual and I like that.
  4. dash raven

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    Great alt mode, a bit diferent than the usual and very ingenius one...

    Hope to see new updates

    Just a sugestion, a bigger arm cannon...

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