Kirby family sues Marvel

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    Jack Kirby Heirs Sue Marvel – Could We Get Two Fantastic Fours Out Of This? Bleeding Cool Comic Book News and Rumors

    I'm in two minds on this.

    On one hand Kirby got royally screwed by Marvel and they are notoriously tight to this day on paying out reprint royalties (as opposed to DC, who pay out on pretty much everything regurdless of whether folks are alive or dead).

    On the other hand, those were the realities of the business back then and Marvel might very well have a legally tight arguement. Theres no shortage of folks who got similar or even worse (Bill Finger) treatment over the years and I don't see thier families running for the lawyers.

    Still, should be interesting and it won't have much effect on Marvel's output either way since they are trying for mutual ownership rather then the blatant power grab that Seigel and Shuster's kids are trying for with the Superman litigation.
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    As much as I believe an artist deserves to prosper by his work, if Kirby signed off on the characters legally to marvel, and there is no legal contract or precedent stating he is the owner of the rights to these characters, I'm sorry, but his kids shouldn't get a cent. On the other hand, if the characters were created under an understanding that kirby and his estate would remain co-creators, and circumstances have simply outgrown the specifics of the agreement, then yes, maybe the kids have a case here.
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    Yet you mean. Whether the families of Kane and Finger or Ditko go after Marvel or DC will depend on what happens between Time Warner and the Siegel family.
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    My problem with this is that Kirby was only the co creator on most of these characters. I do feel he got screwed when it came to royalties, and if he were still alive I think he should have gotten something. But his kids have no rights to these in the least, and even if they did it would only be partial rights since in almost every case Kirby was only a co-creator.

    Captain America he literally sold the rights to Timely in exchange for a job and screwed over Simon in the process. Most of the others he had a hand in Lee was a big part of not to mention Ditko and others.

    At best I think they deserve royalties for any reprints of his artwork and use of his designs. But I don't think they have any rights to control or say in how the characters are used.

    Honestly a lot of this really does feel like the family jumping on the bandwagon now that Marvel is Disney owned and they have a better chance at pulling money out of the deal. But then I'm a cynic.

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