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    It's time to clear out a few items I've been meaning to for a while. P&P is not included and negotiation is more likely to be favoured on multiple items. Photos on request (but give me a couple of days), ask anything!

    If you live in or are coming to London (especially SE where I live or W where I work), I'd be happy to hand over goods in person if practical.

    I have some feedback on the AllSpark:

    kinjacono - The Allspark Forums

    and 100% positive over many years at eBay:

    eBay Feedback profile for kinjacono.


    Everything gone for now, more to come soon including a few G1 pieces, books and comics.


    All preferably MOSC:

    Universe Swerve The red Armada Blurr repaint
    Universe Frostbite
    I'm always in the market for Transmetal Prowls when reasonably priced, and am particularly after a white one as my army is currently all black.

    GI Joe WANTs

    POC Low-light, MOSC only

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