Kingdom for Kelflings

Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by rattrap007, Nov 23, 2008.

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    Anyone else pick this game up?

    It is kinda neat and kinda tedious at times.

    Basically you are a giant and help out little tiny people called Kelflings. They are kinda stupid, so you have to train them. You pick them up and carry them over to the task you need them to do. You have them mine rocks, chop lumber, etc. Then you use those to build buildings. You build them one little square at a time and need so much of various materials to do so. Place them parts together according to the blueprint and tah dah you got a new building. Various buildings have different functions.

    The Lumberyard turns your cut logs into planks. The stone cutting building turn rocks into bricks, the magic house turns crystals into gems, the schools make the little guys smarter, etc.

    I guess I played for about an hour or more and didn't realize it. Kinda fun, but repetitive. It is slow paced so it is a nice relaxing game. As you progress you get more blue prints.

    It is kinda like a sims/civilization game. My main complaint it I have to do a lot of just moving the rock to the cutting building a few feet away then drag all those to the crafts building to make more parts to other buildings. I need to figure out how to get some of the little guys to learn to do this.

    They can carry about 1 log or rock at a time while you can carry up to 5 since you are much larger.

    Overall it is fun. Very laid back. Try the demo. Oh and the little guys annoy you, you can kick them!
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    Drop them on whatever you need cutting/mining/harvesting, then pick em up and drop them on the processing plant, and they take their stuff there automatically.
    You can also train Transporters, drop 'em on the resource, then on where it's got to go to

    It can get a bit involved though as I had Lumberjacks taking their logs to the lumbermill, a Transporter taking the planks to the wood carver, then another transporter taking the carved wood to the factory. You lose track of the little shits sometimes.

    I'm taking a break from it as I didn't realise I'd put in 4 hours earlier, and I really can't be arsed with the hoops I've got to jump through for the resouces to finish my cathedral just yet.
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    I managed to build the final building a few days ago. I found myself sitting there thinking 'now what'. There's not much to do after you build everything. So I just decided to build a castle wall all around my town, and it's taking forever mining and cutting and processing and delivering and building and placing and repeating...

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