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Discussion in 'Transformers Funnies' started by Talathia, Aug 16, 2007.

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    Me: A friend of mine wants to get me a rubiks cube for my birthday
    Me: and paint it brown
    Me: "you'll be like a kitty with it's catnip"

    Alhazad: Oh gosh, I remember the Rubik's Cube. ^^ Not to mention Rubik's Revenge. Now that was a diabolical puzzle.

    Me: ....he'll probably write "ALLSPARK" in silver pen. 8) That's the joke.

    Alhazad: Oh yeah, I definitely get it. As long as it doesn't transform any of your appliances into mindless destructive robots, it should be safe.

    Me: *taps finger tips together*
    Me: I'm just thinking of what Talathia (the character) would do with such a thing.
    OP: Do you have any IDEA what you've done!?
    Tala: I just wanted friends ;.;...

    Alhazad: And her new friends, completely lacking any form of reason, begin playfully demolishing everything in sight. Yes, I can see that.

    Tala: We're playing the AlphaBREAK game.
    OP: .....the..
    Tala: n-n The Alphabreak game, where you go into an area and break things in alphabetical order!

    Alhazad: Oh gosh, thank the Matrix she's not ambitious, or she'd be another rival of Megatron.

    Me: She would be annoyed by him. I think.
    Tala: u_o humans DO suck, but really, take some freakin' valium.

    Megatron: I have no use for organic substances, or anyone who defies me.
    Alhazad: Or something along that line.

    Me: ....she would fear Phillip's* life would be in danger.
    Me: that alone.. would be her reason to help the Autobots.
    Me: Even if Phillip is a rubber spider................she doesn't know that.

    *Phillip is an inside joke, a rubber spider Talathia keeps as a pet. She has no idea he's not a real spider. Hell, if she had a living breathing animal as a pet she'd probably accidentally kill it. 8(.. Talathia- character wise is a wolf-monster created to kill humans, sadly, she's easily bribed with food.
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    Sorry but this isn’t really the sort of thing this forum is for.
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